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Lift Industries: Sales Distributor Of Terex

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Initially started to do regulation 10-year refurbishments on elevating work platforms, Lift Industries has grown to 35 staff on two sites covering over 3000 square metres. The Queensland-based company is growing. Fast.

Lift Industries is the only sales distributor for the Terex Utilities range of truck-mounted, insulated, elevated work platforms, crane borers and spare parts for Australia and New Zealand. It’s a long way from where the company kicked off in 2004 when Jason Agius and Clinton Faulkner pooled their experience, dating back to the late 1980s.

Starting in a 200-square-metre shed, and with the determination to offer exceptional customer service, the pair serviced and maintained lifting platforms. As the business grew, services expanded to meet the requests of customers who, appreciative of the competence and efficiency offered by Lift Industries, were keen for the company to undertake other work. Over time Lift Industries included a range of related services such as fabrication and auto electrical.


  • From the outset, Lift Industries had clear aims of:
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Innovation
  • Technological advancement, and
  • Financial integrity

The goal was for customers to find Lift Industries provided the best possible product with the best possible support, and that aim was never compromised. The market responded and Lift Industries went from strength to strength as the decades rolled on. The company continued to grow, chalking up successes and carefully expanding its services, and not deviating from its core philosophies.


Lift Industries has been a long-standing support business for the previous Terex Utilities dealers in Australia and New Zealand, installing most of the products since 2005. The company’s knowledge of the Terex product line is unparalleled in the Oceania region. It was probably a natural progression, but no less of an achievement, when, in 2018, Lift Industries announced it had been appointed the authorised sales distributor for the Terex Utilities range of truck-mounted, insulated elevated work platforms and crane borers for the Australian and New Zealand region.

Proven Quality

The Terex Utilities range of equipment holds an enviable reputation worldwide for its design, durability, functionality and competitive cost.

Terex Utilities is part of the huge global Terex organisation, and in dedicated factories produces thousands of units each year for use around the globe. Founded over 70 years ago, it has become a global market leader and possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge which has carried it from strength to strength throughout the past seven decades. Terex Utilities is a global manufacturer of insulated aerial and auger drill products and services, delivering life-cycle solutions that maximise customer return on investment.

Lift Industries has a full knowledge of the machines and now looks forward to promoting these products to the arb industry for many years to come.

For more information visit www.liftindustries.com.au

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