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Lift Industries And Terex Utilities

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Lift Industries, working alongside a versatile Terex Utilities, is now widening its range of products to be offered throughout Australasia.

Lift Industries can now supply a versatile range of the Terex Utilities products to meet the growing needs of the customer. Lift Industries is now offering the new fully insulated Terex XT Pro Series with its latest design of the tree trimmer series. The XT PRO Series offers quality, simplicity and durability all in one unit. The new design holds true to the reputation of a reliable tree trimmer.

Here are just some of the features that the XT Pro Series provides the customer with a simple, low maintenance unit, reduced weight at the boom tip providing 181kg platform capacity, compact storage of booms and features reduced boom speed movement which allows for minor boom positioning/ adjustment without kicking out the tool circuit.

The Terex XT Pro Series tree trimmers optional longitudinal lift provides up to 22.9m of working height and an upper boom articulation of 250° and 125° of lower boom articulation. Combine all of these items together and you have a tree trimmer that will meet a customer’s needs in a number of areas.

Hypower Leaner, Cleaner and Greener The Terex® HyPowerTM IM system is an E-PTO idle mitigation system designed to reduce fuel consumption by offsetting idle time with cleaner, less expensive plug-in electricity.

When activated, the system automatically manages the source for hydraulic power to the aerial device. It utilises battery power to eliminate idling associated with standby and boom positioning. It is customisable to program to start from 20 seconds to 45 seconds depending on the customer preference. After set time of continuous boom movement, the engine starts and provides hydraulic power for the rest of the time the boom is moving plus 60 seconds. The engine will stop after 60 seconds of no boom movement. It returns to E-PTO mode.

The HyPowerTM IM is designed to take advantage of Plug-in Electrical Power. A shore power standard 240V plug mounted on the tail shelf is used to charge the lithium ion batteries.

The HyPowerTM IM system features include a 48v Lithium ion battery system, a GripTM Controller with in-cab display and simple interfacing, monitors for engine idle, battery voltages and in-cab temperatures, anti-theft option and heater options to meet your working needs with rapid charging system that allows for batteries to charge in 30-45 minutes as well as shore power for charging with the use of a 240 V in 2-3 hours.

This product can be offered on the LT, LTM, TL up to 60’ and XT Pro Series. Terex can also offer a full HyPower system which is designed specifically for the utility industry. It’s ideal for utility trucks that spend long periods of time working from a stationary position with the benefit of idle reduction. Saving fuel while reducing noise and emissions shouldn’t force you to compromise on features.

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