JLG Compact Crawler Boom Gives Easy Reach

JLG has expanded its Compact Crawler Boom line-up with the addition of the new X13J Plus model, providing a perfect solution for a broad range of arboriculture applications.

The new X13J Plus joins the existing X17J Plus and X20J Plus variants, with the latest addition boasting many of the same impressive benefits and functionality of its larger stablemates.

Among the X13J Plus’ features is a narrow chassis, tracked wheel carriage (0.79m retracted width) and lighter weight construction, which makes the machine easy to manoeuvre through gates, yards and around gardens.

The non-marking rubber tracks also make it suitable for use on delicate surfaces, including paving, on paths and lawn areas, minimising the likelihood of damage and further increasing the model’s appeal to arborists and other tree care professionals.

As well as being versatile and userfriendly, the X13J Plus still provides a generous overall platform height of 11.30m (13.30m working height), and a working outreach of 7.08m, making it a perfect choice to inspect and maintain trees, hedges and tall shrubs. At 230kg capacity, the X13J Plus’ platform is also generous, providing ample ability to safely accommodate a two-person crew plus equipment.

For added safety on the platform, the X13J Plus features SkyGuard™ as standard – SkyGuard™ is a JLG proprietary safety system that automatically stops all machine functions and temporarily reverses them to what they were a second prior to the system being activated.

The safety benefits continue with auto levelling outriggers with integrated lifting lugs, which increase stability and ease of set-up, allowing the model to be safely operated on slopes of up to 16° and to climb grades of up to 28 per cent.

Depending on operator preference or application requirements, the X13J Plus can be specified with a 11.7kW petrol or 7.5kW diesel engine; alternatively a Lithium-ion option is also available. A major benefit of Lithium-ion power is its quite operation ideal for noise sensitive situations.

JLG Industries Product Manager – ANZ, Arron Cooper, said the new X13J Plus was a welcome addition to JLG’s Compact Crawler Boom range. “By adding the X13J Plus to the line-up, we can now offer platform heights from 11.30 to 18.05 metres, and provide all the many benefits of the larger XJ Plus models in a smaller package,” Arron said.

“The X13J Plus’ lighter weight and compact dimensions – benefits that make it very convenient to manoeuvre – also make this model easy to transport. Tipping the scales at around 2,185kg (may vary slightly depending on accessories fitted), it’s well within the braked towing capacity of utes and even some lighter vehicles.

“Like the larger models in the XJ Plus range, we expect the X13J Plus to also prove popular across a variety of industries including for arborists.

“While the Compact Crawler Boom range now stands at three variants, we’re aiming to expand our offering further later this year, providing even greater choice in this product range,” Arron said.

While similar-sized machines are available in the market, the X13J, X17J and X20J Plus models are the only ones that are offered by a major supplier, meaning owners and operators can rely on the superior back-up and support they’ve come to know from JLG.

With strategically-located branches throughout Australia as well as a fleet of Field Service Mobility units, JLG’s service and support extends well beyond Australia’s major metropolitan centres to more remote rural and regional areas.

For greater convenience, JLG also offers scheduled maintenance programs.

These packages can be customised, effectively transferring the responsibility of the maintenance process to JLG for a competitively-priced fixed fee, providing owners with enhanced cashflow, budget control and of course, more time.

The new X13J Plus is backed by JLG’s ‘1 & 5’ warranty which provides a full year of coverage on the complete machine, plus five years’ coverage on all specified major structural components.

For further details on the new X13JPlus model and other JLG products, visit www.jlg.com.au

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