Is My Insurance Policy Right For Me?

Buying insurance is common sense. But don’t just buy any policy; buy the right policy for you and suitable for your business.

Insurance can be seen like the equipment you purchase to use on a day to day basis. Would you buy a cheap piece of equipment that you know will not last as long or be as reliable as the more expensive piece? It’s the same with an insurance policy; you don’t want to buy one that is less expensive but won’t respond in the event of an incident.

The arboriculture and horticulture industry is a specialised industry and as such, requires a tailor-made policy. Many policies have exclusions on them that will not respond in the event of an incident occurring. It is important to read your policy to know exactly what you are covered for, or more importantly, what you are not covered for.

What exclusions are placed on your policy?

Common exclusions, sometimes in small print, in the arboriculture and tree care industry include;

  • A restriction on the height of the tree you can cut down
  • Locations where you can work
  • Exclusions on use of sub-contractors that may leave you vulnerable to a claim
  • Are you or your employees adequately qualified so that your policy will respond
  • Powerline clearing or line clearing work
  • Design or Professional Indemnity exclusions.

Insurance is complex — there is a myriad of policies on the market, and by using a broker, you can relax — we will do all the homework for you.

For questions about your current policies, or how we can tailor an insurance package, please contact our Arboriculture specialist at Fitzpatrick & Co. on (03) 8544 1600 or email    Fitzpatrick & Co have specialised in the arboriculture and horticulture industry for more than 30 years providing assistance and financial support to companies, associations and events. We are there when your industry needs you –

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