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Investment In The Future

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Your guide to breaking down the numbers and selecting the best machine possible to increase your productivity and profit.

In today’s market, spider lifts are the investment in the future that many arborists are turning to, however selecting the right machine for the job can prove more difficult than it seems. When trying to determine the specifications that need to be focused on, it can prove a challenge to distinguish what is commission-driven sales tactics, and what you really need to be focusing on to ensure the right decision is made for your business.

Access In Urban Areas

The whole concept idea of a Spider Lift (or tracked access machine, as we like to call them) is primarily for access. When it comes to negotiating the tighter and more narrow aspects of access found in the urban areas of today, you need to consider the machine with the most compact design, and combine this with the outreach specifications. The ultimate machine for urban arborists will ideally offer the best ratio of smaller stowed dimensions and still allow you to reach the 17m mark of outreach, so your level of access is restricted by either factor as minimally as possible.


Combining a true ZED boom configuration with the smallest of footprints allows for better boom manipulation in far tighter work zones than previously experienced. And the ZED with Zero tail swing also provides the best up and over capabilities available.

Unrestricted 200kg Outreach

A high performance fixed work envelope provides unrestricted outreach at 200kg with no weight limiting along with clean boom design with no services housed externally to be hooked up on or damaged,

Simplified Electronics

An electronics philosophy of simplicity to increase reliability for a better return on investment with reduced down times for better reliability and lower servicing costs.

When we look at investing in this style of equipment, we are after a high return, and that comes with high utilisation.

Sure, we all want more but with more comes losing out on the more important aspects in performance for a more highly utilised machine.

One must full understand the purpose of a Spider lift and its philosophy the gain the fuller benefits in their decision.

Let’s look at the CTE TRACCESS 170. This 17m mark is the engineering platform for most machines in the 17, 18, 19m machine classes. Yet the 18m & 19m machine run an outreach weight limiting system that catch most out and can only achieve their performance at drastically reduced basket weights; eg 80kg and 120kg depending on machine. Quite often when we analyse the data the TRACCESS 170 will outperform these machines all round with a fuller fixed working envelope of 7.5m at a full 200kg with no electronic limiting systems and limit switches making for far better reliability

This machine is also more compact in dimensional length than even all the 15m competitors at 3800mm with the basket removed providing a more accessible machine for a far higher access utilisation than any other available.

And combining a good size track drive with double drive speed it does reduce the times in setting up with the added benefit of a lower drive speed for the more difficult of negotiations.

All in all, you get high quality proportional controls, Swiss high tensile steel and loads more in a machine that cover a large range of performance than any other.

They ask you, what is it you really want. It is what everyone wants.

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