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Invest In Your Future With Bandit Chippers

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Bandit’s vast experience in Australia matters a great deal if you want your chipper to hold up to the brutal reality of chipping our dense, dry hardwoods.

Since the late ‘80s Bandit has had excellent Dealer support throughout Australia. They carry a huge range of spare parts and are staffed by dedicated teams who ensure your Bandit machine is working efficiently at all times.

Here is a quick run-down of the 2021 range of Bandit chippers that are built specifically for Australia and our harsh conditions.

Bandit Model 21XP – 21” Capacity

Bandit’s ultimate hand fed chipper. Stunning performance. Fully loaded with many standard features including the amazing forestry discharge chute, rear hydraulic stabalisers and a 275hp Cummins turbo diesel engine. Ideal for take-downs and land clearing work. Massive 32” wide dual horizontal infeed rollers; top roller 16” diameter. Will easily chip large, forked material that other chippers simply cannot process. Bandit’s 21XP has a brilliant track record of reliability in Australia going back over 20 years.

Bandit Model 19XP – 19” Capacity

Fitted with a strong 215hp Cummins six cylinder turbo diesel producing 890Nm of torque. This is 43 per cent more engine torque than other 19” capacity chippers with their small four cylinder engines. Super-sized 32” wide dual feed rollers and a huge chipper throat opening. Single 5,500kg capacity air brake axle for easy towing. The 19XP will process whole trees with ease and is packed with many standard features to get the jobs done fast.

“The 2021 range of Bandit chippers are built specifically for Australia and our harsh conditions.”

Bandit Model 18XP – 18” Capacity

Nearly 1,000 Bandit 18XP chippers are working in Australia every day. Like all Bandit chippers, the 18XP commands industry- best resale value when you look to sell. The slower rpm, higher torque, oversized chipper drum processes large material far more easily than small-drum machines. Two engine options available; CAT 142hp turbo diesel and the 6 cylinder 185hp Cummins Turbo diesel with 780Nm of torque. Both on single axles with electric brakes. Unbeatable, and a proven industry favourite.

Bandit Model 15XPC – 15” Capacity

Fitted with the CAT 142hp turbo diesel and the same amazing infeed system as its big brother, the 18XP. Super compact machine fitted with the standard features Bandit are known for like Bandit’s fuel saver system, their hydraulic winch and Auto Feed Plus.

Weighs less than 3,500kg on electric brakes. Awesome performer that will easily process all material types including heavy palm leaf foliage. Call Bandit to arrange a test drive of their 15XPC chipper on your job site soon.

Bandit Model 12X and 12XP – 12” Capacity

These two Bandits are perfect for tree crews, power line contractors and Councils. 84hp or 114hp turbo diesels; easy to tow with a smaller truck. Powerful infeed systems to easily process difficult material. Packed with excellent standard features and will easily chip and throw difficult to feed material like palm trunk and fronds, as well as dense 12” hardwood logs.

Bandit Model 65XP (6” capacity) and 90XP (9” capacity)

The 65XP has an oversized 12”W x 6”H chipper throat with dual feed rollers; double the throat size of competitors’ machines.

The 90XP has an 84hp Kubota diesel,  dual feed rollers and will easily keep three operators busy. Both are ideal for smaller tree services, landscapers, golf clubs and Councils.

Bandit’s vast experience counts, and their rugged, tank-like construction matters.

Bandit has the runs on the board in our tough Australian environment. Check out their Dealer websites or call them using the details on the back cover of this issue – www.banditchippers.com.au  or on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/bandittreeequipment

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