Mini-loader grapples

Intermercato Grapples manufactures log skidders for Kanga, Dingo, Ditch Witch, Viking, Cast, Avant, Multione and a huge catalogue of mini loaders. Intermercato even manufactures a logskidding grapple for heavier Bobcat or skid-steer models of 120 horsepower or larger.

A Kanga with a TG16
log-skidding grapple.

Log-skidding grapples are a versatile tool used for feeding chippers or dragging vegetation waste out of tight-access jobs, reducing labour costs and increasing productivity, and all Intermercato models have the option of full hydraulic rotation.

Some machines may have two sets of auxiliaries available, while others may only have one set and a 12V accessory socket. A 12V solenoid can easily be installed to power the rotator if this is the case, and is the best option to activate the rotator, allowing hydraulic oil to be diverted from the grab to the rotator with the press of a button.

A Ditch Witch paired
with a Scorpion 1300F.

For the smaller machines with one set of auxiliaries, a manual-rotate option is available which allows spinning the grapple with the machine’s momentum. Intermercato manufactures the jibs in-house and attaches its quality grapples and rotators to suit independent requirements.

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