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Ingenious Solutions

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So you have issues with access? Or perhaps the tree isn’t safe to climb? Fear not, Global Machinery Sales has a suitable solution for your problems.

Introduced into the Australian market by Global Machinery Sales in 2012, CMC Lifts Australia offers a range of compact and highly manoeuvrable spider lifts as well as heavy duty spider lifts with big height and reach.

Global Machinery Sales Director Brian Evans has worked diligently with top EWP dealers in the USA and Europe to bring you a world renowned leader. “We wanted to pick the world’s best brand once and not have to pivot between brands and suppliers, by finally bringing superior quality and value to the EWP market in Australia. After speaking to CMC dealers who have sold alternative brands in the past, we found how happy they are and how superior the CMC product is compared to other brands. CMC seemed the obvious choice,” Brian said.

The dealer in the USA sells 150-200 CMC lifts per year, stating it was the best decision he ever made, minimal warranty issues, great support and a very well built machine.

Today CMC Aerial Platforms are a world leader in aerial lift technology and are a best seller in 30 countries worldwide, integrating ingenious new ideas and always building lifts “with the operator in mind” translating into an easier to operate and less extensive aerial lift. This winning combination gives Global Machinery Sales’ customers better value and a greater ROI.


The CMC S19HD is a track mounted spider style mobile elevated work platform and it has been designed with your job in mind. “The tree industry is tough and any steps we can take to make it easier and safer are welcome, which is where the CMC S19HD comes in. It’s here to do exactly that,” Brian added.

“Impressive side reach, so stable and secure!” – this is the first reaction and comment from everyone that takes a ride on the heavy duty S19 Spider Lift.

It features an extremely compact stabilisation area with full side reach, including the ability to self-level on steep sloped floors and terrain.

In addition, the S19HD is also capable of setting up in “narrow mode”, with an even smaller footprint. This special feature means reduced outreach, however the lift is still capable of full 360° rotation and full vertical height. Designed and built with a configuration of one lower riser pantograph and two-telescopic boom extensions, the S19HD has a 200kg basket capacity and 180° basket rotation, with close to 19m of working height.

Compact dimensions of 0.95m W x 2.04m H means access to virtually any work area.

CMC S25 Spider Lift

If the S19HD doesn’t fit your height requirements no need to worry, the CMC S25 tracked spider lift will fit your needs perfectly. This reliable 25m working height lift has an impressive 14m outreach.

The S25 is a self-propelled tracked aerial platform, designed with 1 articulating/1 telescopic lower boom and 1 articulating/2 telescopic upper booms, plus an articulating jib on the end. This combination allows for best work manoeuvrability and outreach.

A quick release 180° rotating basket with triple safety locks rounds out this great lift that is a pleasure to work with. Standard basket size is 1.70m wide. Other smaller basket sizes are also available to best fit your application.

The S25 comes equipped standard with two stabilisation areas and six possible outrigger configurations. With incredibly compact dimensions of 1.01m x 2.045m x 6.05m (WxHxL), in the closed travel position, this serious aerial work platform is capable of entering virtually any door. Quiet diesel engine/240v electric hydraulic power pack is standard. Also available with hybrid power source. The CMC S25 takes the place of the best-seller S24, improving its performance and reliability.

For more information please call Global Machinery Sales on 1300 072 926

Pay a visit http://globalmachinerysales.com.au

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