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Husqvarna’s Top Handle Chainsaw

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The Husqvarna T525 top handle chainsaw designed for tree care professionals who want maximum productivity with minimum downtime.

Husqvarna’s T525 has the powerful engine performance that professional users know and appreciate, packed into a lower weight tree-care chainsaw. This means improved productivity, since power and performance are not sacrificed for a lighter product. Weighing in at just 2.7kg users can cut with less strain on the body, a significant benefit for tree care professionals.

With quick acceleration built-in, pruning can be finished lightning fast. While Husqvarna’s signature X-Torq® engine ensures higher output compared to other tree care saws, which means getting more done with the same amount of fuel. X-Torq® also means lower levels of exhaust emissions, giving users a cleaner work environment.

Features for Working In The Tree

Reliability is essential for tree care specialists, especially when sitting high up in a tree. A spring-assisted start allows for lower pull force, meaning less effort is required to start the engine – a useful addition when users are at height with tricky and limited movement. A side-mounted chain adjuster is another feature that allows professionals to make quick, convenient and easy chain adjustments while out on a limb.

Easy maintenance solutions on the T525 come in the form of a quick-release air filter, flip-up fuel caps, and retained bar nuts to prevent loss. These simple maintenance solutions make it easy for users to maintain their products and decrease unnecessary downtime.

T525 Features at a Glance

  • Cylinder displacement 27cm³
  • Power output 1.1kW
  • 12” Bar
  • Chain speed at 133 per cent of maximum engine power speed 24.1 m/s
  • Weight 2.7kg (excluding cutting equipment)
  • X-Torq® engine
  • Belt eyelet making it quick and easy to connect saw to the climbing harness
  • Auto return stop switch for trouble free starting
  • Snap-lock quick release cover
  • Retained bar nut – prevents losing the bar nut
  • Quick and convenient chain tensioning from the side

For information on the Husqvarna T525 top handle chainsaw visit www.husqvarna.com

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