Husqvarna’s new professional climbing gear

Husqvarna has introduced a range of climbing gear specifically designed for arborists and tree-care professionals.

Husqvarna’s new range of climbing gear includes a climbing harness and ropes designed in partnership with Teufelberger, a world leader in climbing equipment. Husqvarna has also included a new storage bag that makes it easy to organise the equipment and take it wherever it’s needed. Together, the new range will support the busy working life of arborists and tree care professionals.

A versatile, adjustable, robust and extremely comfortable harness.

Pro standard and harness

Husqvarna, already an industry leader in chainsaws and cutting equipment, has introduced a new harness, designed in collaboration with Teufelberger, for tree-climbers who spend many hours in the trees and are looking for a versatile, adjustable, robust and extremely comfortable harness. The harness provides world-class mobility and comfort while helping reduce the risk of injuries and physical stress when working long hours up in the trees.

“The new climbing gear is fantastic!” said H-Team ambassador Jamie Boston.

“Husqvarna has partnered with Teufelberger, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of arborist equipment, which allows us to have absolutely topnotch quality gear, and the Husqvarna climbing harness is the hero of this range.”

A wide range of settings allows climbers to customise the harness to different climbing styles and jobs.

“The adjustability, variability and personability of the harness, and the ability to adjust it to your climbing style, are amazing,” underlined Jamie. “Plus, it allows you to have all the attachments and tools you need to go through your day-to-day work.”

World-class mobility and comfort while helping reduce the risk of injuries and physical stress.

Storage and high-quality ropes

To complement the harness, Husqvarna also offers two sets of high-quality climbing ropes approved according to both CE and ANSI standards. They are versatile for different rope techniques and super smooth during both ascent and descent.

Husqvarna is also introducing a gear bag for storing, organising and protecting the climbing and rigging gear. The userfriendly and durable 70-litre gear bag is made of high-quality fabric. It includes a reinforced bottom, a helmet storage lid at the top and side zips, allowing users to have easy access to all their gear, no matter the conditions, making their work both easier and more efficient.

Husqvarna offers two sets of high quality climbing ropes.

The range

In addition to the climbing ropes, harness and bag, Husqvarna also offers a selection of other climbing and rigging equipment to make life in the treetops easier. This includes a chainsaw lanyard with an anti-shock feature that reduces the impact if the chainsaw gets caught in a falling branch or other object. Plus, the range also includes:
• A sling
• A work positioning lanyard
• Rigging rope
• Prusik
• A friction saver, and
• Accessory carabiners (none PPE).

Husqvarna ambassadors Kiah Martin (left) and Jamie Boston are part of Husqvarna’s long-term goal to offer revolutionary equipment for arborists and tree-care professionals.

Husqvarna’s arborist equipment is made of the highest quality materials and covers the many needs for climbing and rigging, and will soon include a range of purpose-made ropes with dimensions and colours to suit a broad group of professionals.

“I’ve used other products in the past,” said H-Team ambassador Kiah Martin, “and my preference is for Husqvarna.”

“The reason for that is quality product and quality people, and really good research and development. If we can keep developing products to make them safer, more functional, more durable, to reduce the fatigue on the user, and that the user has been involved in helping develop…it’s a beautiful collaboration.”

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