Husqvarna X-PRECISION™ SP11G chainsaw chain

The Husqvarna X-PRECISION™ SP11G chainsaw chain is a semi-chisel, ¼” mini, 1.1mm chain developed for precise and gentle pruning of branches with diameters up to 15cm.

Clean cuts help the tree to heal well and look good afterwards, and the SP11G is a narrow, low-profile chain with low weight and low noise that operates smoothly and efficiently with both battery and small-size petrol chainsaws – it’s perfect for the Husqvarna X-PRECISION™ ¼” mini guide bar.

The chain cuts like a scalpel and is excellent for urban tree-care professionals like Ryan Roberts of Diligent Tree Care. Ryan’s been using Husqvarna’s new chain for a while, and he’s really excited about it.

A cut above

Based on the NSW central coast, Diligent Tree Care has a work schedule most pro arborists would find familiar. Generally the work is mainly pruning, but emergency storm work and treeremoval jobs are common enough.

“The new Husqy chain is noticeably different to the chains I’ve been using regularly,” said Ryan. “It’s razor sharp, and it’s pretty much like using a hand saw. When you’re pruning it just glides through the collar cuts. It’s very precise, with no rips or tearing.

“With intricate work on smaller-diameter branches, it’s really neat.”

“Ryan’s experience is exactly what Husqvarna was trying to achieve when this chain was designed,” offered Jason Bezzina, Product Manager Husqvarna Australia. “Essential attributes of the SP11G include exceptional cutting performance, low vibration, and increased safety, control and manoeuvrability.”

“The SP11G chain’s manufactured to the highest standards and designed with an optimal cutter profile and technical innovation that provides stay-sharp durability and precision, cut after cut.”

“The smaller nose makes it ideal for
specialist and intricate pruning.”
– Ryan Roberts, arborist.
Just quietly

Ryan’s been working with the 10-inch chain on his Husqvarna T540i XP® and the 12-inch on his Husqvarna 340i, and he’s obviously very impressed.

“This chain definitely holds the sharpness,” he beamed.

“The chain is ideal for the intricate and small-to-medium pruning I do…limbs up to about 10 inches. If you’ve got a 12-inch bar on anyway, you wouldn’t cut any bigger than that.

“It’s definitely ahead of other chains I’ve been using. It’s fast-cutting, super neat, incredibly sharp, and it does stay sharper for longer.”

“I’ve also noticed it’s a lot quieter,” mused Ryan. “I don’t know if it’s got to do with the chain speed and it having more teeth, and maybe with the sprocket it uses, but it’s noticeably quieter than other chains I’ve tried.”

Jason enlarged on that impression: “The narrow, low-profile design provides outstanding cutting performance and quieter operation by reducing vibration and friction, assisted by optimal lubrication, improved ergonomics and optimal cutter profile to maximise power and efficiency.”

Bar access

Ryan’s matched the chain with Husqvarna’s X-PRECISION™ ¼” mini guide bar, and he energetically lit up as he told us about it. “It’s amazing!” he insisted.

“Because of the narrow tip, if you’re doing a small tree, like an ornamental pear or something similar, you can get in without nicking other branches when you’re working in a tight area. That’s why it’s different from the other bars, and that’s why it’s special.”

“The smaller nose radius allows for ultra-precise cutting with increased manoeuvrability and accessibility in tight or awkward spaces,” added Jason. “It makes it ideal for specialist and intricate pruning.”

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The SP11G is a narrow, low-profile chain
with low weight and low noise that operates
smoothly and efficiently with both battery
and small-size petrol chainsaws.
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