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HUSQVARNA X-Cut® Saw Chain

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It’s All About The Output: Husqvarna X-Cut® Saw Chain

The Husqvarna X-Cut® is the world’s first original Husqvarna saw chain. It’s designed for a single purpose: to optimise the performance of your Husqvarna chainsaw – and thereby maximise your output.

After years of research, development, lab and live tests, the Husqvarna X-Cut® saw chain has been manufactured using the most advanced technologies and rigorous quality control, offering professionals a long-lasting sharpness, outstanding durability and high cutting efficiency, made for minimum down time and maximum results.

Sharpness that Lasts

The design of the cutters, the materials used and the manufacturing processes have all been refined to the extreme. This gives the X-Cut® saw chain an outstanding sharpness straight out of the box, and also – perhaps more importantly – a sharpness that lasts considerably longer before filing is needed.

Low Stretch

The X-Cut® saw chain is pre-stretched at the factory, which means you will be able to work longer before it needs re-tensioning. No unnecessary adjustments will slow you down, and the risk of damaging the cutting system with a slacking saw chain is decreased significantly.

High Cutting Efficiency

The X-Cut® saw chain is made to cut faster and smoother than comparable products, and maximum performance is achieved right out of the box. This improves your cutting efficiency and thereby your results. At the same time, less human effort (feed force) is needed, making the whole work experience easier on your body.

Optimal Cutting Angle

The angle of the cutter is crucial for your long-term efficiency. The tighter you make this angle, the higher the sharpness – but if you overdo it, the cutter will lose its sharpness faster and break easier. With X-Cut®, Husqvarna has focused on finding the optimum angle for an efficiency that lasts.

Chrome and steel exactly measured The microstructure of the steel – not too hard, not too soft – and the chrome layer– not too thick, not too thin – have both been exactly defined on a molecular level. This ensures a high cutting capacity and a lasting sharpness.

Superior Lubrication

Small, arrow-shaped channels in the links help transport oil all high friction zones during operation, ensuring a superior lubrication.

Optimal Heat Treatment

For the hardening, Husqvarna has developed its own unique method of making the steel as durable as possible. This includes optimal heat treatment as well as optimal cooling – creating a molecular structure that provides an incredibly durable saw chain.

Developed by Engineers

True to Husqvarna’s heritage, the chain has been developed in close collaboration between engineers and professional loggers. With

the ambition to design a chain that increases productivity, the engineers and loggers have worked together to perfect the chain.

Production Built From Scratch

The saw chain factory in Huskvarna Sweden is strategically located beside the chainsaw R&D and factory. All parts of the saw chain are manufactured on-site, from raw steel to finished product, reducing dependency on external suppliers and securing quality of the chain. The factory is designed to be environmental impact neutral, and uses state of the art technology to recycle both chemicals and energy


Husqvarna X-Cut® is now available in store at your local authorised Husqvarna Dealer, in variants

C85 – 3/8” full chisel

S93G – 3/8”LP semi chisel

SPG33 – 325” semi chisel chain

All sharp out of the box, pre-stretched, highly durable, and easy to spot due to the golden tie-strap that helps users keep track of the start/finish of their filing loop.

For more info on the Husqvarna X-Cut® saw chain and its variants, visit husqvarna.com

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