The Husqvarna X-CUT® saw chain SP33G

The Husqvarna X-CUT® saw chain SP33G is a low-vibration pixel saw chain that cuts a narrow kerf and requires less power from the saw than standard cutting systems.

Husqvarna’s design, materials and manufacturing processes have all been refined to give X-CUT® chain an outstanding sharpness straight out of the box. The edge lasts considerably longer than competitor chains before filing is needed.

Kiah Martin has a handful of Australian and world tree-climbing titles and recently returned from Sweden where she advised on product development at Husqvarna headquarters. Kiah’s heavily involved in training junior arborists and specialises in conservation arboriculture. She knows what makes a good chainsaw chain and was happy to highlight the features of the X-CUT® chain which make it ideal for professional use.

“There’s no need to spend time sharpening new X-CUT® chains to prepare for work,” said Kiah, “and the sharpness lasts longer before you have to file for the first time.

“Typically,” she explained, “you fit a new chain, start work, and, as the chain heats up it stretches. Within about 30 minutes you need to retension. X-CUT®, unlike other chains I’ve used, is pre-stretched at the factory. That means you can work for longer, especially climbing arborists who have to send a saw down for retensioning. That wastes time.

“X-CUT® is definitely more efficient.”

Kiah Martin recently returned from Sweden where she advised on product development at Husqvarna headquarters. Kiah knows what makes a good chainsaw chain and recommends the X-CUT® chain for Husqvarna equipment. Image: Husqvarna

Incredibly durable

Made to cut faster and smoother than comparable products, X-CUT® requires less feed force, and Husqvarna focused on finding the optimum angle for an efficiency that lasts. The microstructure of the steel – refined to a specific hardness – and the precision chrome layer have both been exactly defined at a molecular level to ensure a high cutting capacity and a lasting sharpness. Small, arrow-shaped channels in the links help transport oil to the saw chain and ensure superior lubrication.

“If the saw and chain are working to their optimum capacity,” observed Kiah, “the operator needs to exert less effort. That means the equipment is more enjoyable to work with and there’s less fatigue for the operator.

“If I marry together X-CUT® chain with a good guide bar and a 500-series Husqvarna chainsaw – particularly the 550XP, a chainsaw I use regularly – I definitely notice there’s less fatigue at the end of the day.”

All the features professional arborists and landowners would look for. Image: Husqvarna

Real world

X-CUT® chain is made by Husqvarna for Husqvarna products and optimised for performance as a unit.

“In arboriculture we’re not just dealing with cutting wood in the tree canopy,” expanded Kiah. “We’re also cutting wood at ground level, and often in very dirty circumstances with lots of soil and abrasive substances embedded in the job. Obviously that will dull a chain very quickly. “Because it stays sharper for longer, you’re able to cut more and work longer before changing out the chain.”

Materials and manufacturing processes give X-CUT® chain an outstanding sharpness straight out of the box. Image: Husqvarna

On the mark

Simon Gilligan, Associate Product Manager Husqvarna Australia, confirmed Kiah’s impressions of the X-Cut® range.

“All those features Kiah noticed are more or less in line with the design parameters for that chain,” said Simon. “X-CUT® chain was designed with professional users in mind, but also to be accessible for everyone. It focusses on efficiency, ease of handling, manoeuvrability, ease of maintenance, reliability…all the features professional arborists and landowners would look for.

“Feedback on this product has been excellent. It’s a very smooth-cutting chain, it’s very efficient, and it’s been designed with self-feeding geometry in mind. The chain will, in essence, want to pull itself forward. The benefit there is you can use every ounce of performance the saw has available. That means smoother cutting, better power under load, less kickback…things like that.

“If you’re working in a hot Australian summer, saws and chains heat up rapidly and stay hot for longer,” Kiah explained. “Once you stop work there’s the cooling effect as well. Obviously heat in steel is an issue, and you can break chains. The chainsaw and the chain need to be designed and manufactured to cope with those conditions. Having something that’s optimised to deal with rapid heating and cooling.”

“X-CUT® also has a very precise chrome-coating process to give that extra edge retention and make the chains extremely durable,” Simon pointed out with a quiet smile.

Built for purpose

Kiah had a final observation to round out the overview on X-CUT® chain.

“There’s a specific X-CUT® file guide,” she said. “If you’re using X-CUT® chain and the file-guide system, the saws will perform as they did out of the box. “It’s an optimised cutting system.”

For more information on the X-CUT® chain and other Husqvarna arbor products, log on to, or scan the QR code. 

Image: Husqvarna
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