Husqvarna H-Team Camp: The A Team to the H-Team

Professional arborists Kiah Martin, Scott Forrest and Jamie Boston attended the annual Husqvarna H-Team Camp in Sweden.

Husqvarna selects a global group of highly skilled and respected ambassadors from among the best forest and park professionals in their respective countries. The group is called the ‘H-team’, and Husqvarna rates them as among its most demanding users.

The best forest and park professionals from their respective countries. Image: Husqvarna

NZ and Australians

Every year the H-Team gathers to spend three days discussing past, present and future product plans, and September 2023, NZ and Australian Husqvarna Ambassadors Kiah Martin, Scott Forrest and Jamie Boston headed off to Husqvarna headquarters in Sweden to attend the annual Husqvarna H-Team Camp.

The team is made up of some of the best aborists and tree professionals from across the globe. From swapping stories and sharing their expertise, the H-team dials into the developing and changing tree-care industry and provides firsthand advice and feedback on all future Husqvarna product development.

With a combined 40 years’ experience in arboriculture, Kiah, Scott and Jamie’s contribution has provided excellent insight to the NZ and Australian tree industry, and their unique perspective has contributed a great deal of value to the Husqvarna global team.

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Image: Husqvarna
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