Husqvarna 572 XP and 550 XP

The objective of the new chainsaw generation, headed by Husqvarna’s 572 XP® and the 550 XP® Mark II, is to deliver chainsaws with outstanding productivity, durability, and reliability while staying true to the company’s heritage.

The 572 XP® is part of the new generation of chainsaws that will deliver outstanding productivity based on uptime, performance, durability and reliability. At just 6.6kg with a powerful 4.3kW engine, the 572 XP® has a better power-to-weight ratio than any other Husqvarna saw with similar displacement and a 12 per cent higher cutting capacity than previous equivalent models.

The #newchainsawgeneration
The next generation is built from scratch on a new platform, the foundation for professional chainsaws going forward. The chainsaws are manufactured on the same grounds in Sweden where Husqvarna chainsaw history began in 1959. The development of the new platform has benefitted from digitalisation, as Husqvarna has further employed new technical solutions, including sensor-based data collection and digital prototyping. Digital prototyping enables highly accurate stress analysis to optimise chainsaw design, while sensors were placed on the chainsaws in field tests to collect data on usage statistics.

A new way to the perfect cut for a new chainsaw generation.

Higher Cutting Capacity
The 572 XP® engine design offers a wide usable RPM range for peak performance even under heavy loads. A 12 per cent higher cutting capacity (compared to previous models in the same cc-range) makes the saw ideal for productive operation – even when using long guide bars. This is made possible with the new engine layout and improved cooling, a prerequisite for ensuring high power output.

The engine gives users a 30 per cent broader RPM range, increasing the optimal range from a band of 2000 to 3000 RPM. The wider working range means that the engine delivers power in all working situations and a better response time when revving up or down, making limbing faster.

The lighter and smaller diameter of the flywheel generates rapid acceleration. Combined with good torque, this is the most powerful 70cc chainsaw Husqvarna has made.

Higher Productivity
A good power-to-weight ratio means higher productivity thanks to more available engine output. The power-to-weight improvement in the 572 XP® comes from better weight distribution in the machine and a good engine layout. The crankshaft and muffler, together with other critical components, have been designed for functionality. Extra reinforcements have been made for enhanced strength and reliability. To balance this increase, weight optimisation has decreased the weight of several components like the flywheel, starter cover, crankcase, clutch cover, and ignition module.

Increased Cooling Capacity
The 572 XP has an increased cooling capacity of up to 20 per cent compared to previous Husqvarna chainsaws. The boosted cooling capacity combines new hardware, digitalisation, and a soft cut out system.

When it comes to hardware, the heat barrier in the 572 XP® is made from specially-crafted polymers, which are heat resistant, provide extreme insulation, are lightweight and are integrated into the cover. Low carburettor temperatures are fundamental for good starting ability as today’s fuel evaporates at very low temperatures. Digital air flow analysis optimises airflow in the product, thereby refining the placement of cooling apertures and internal deflectors in the 572 XP®.

The newly designed internals also means less dust and dirt particles will get trapped in the cooling fins. The soft cut out system protects the engine from harmful over-revving by automatically adjusting the ignition timing at top RPMs. This means a 30 per cent decrease of internal pressure build up in the engine – compared to Husqvarna chainsaws without this feature – for smoother operation, lower operating temperatures and maximum possible uptime.

Optimised filtration
Standard on the 572 XP® is a heavy-duty air filter with a large filtration surface area to enable extended use and better filtration. The larger filtration area means an increase in working intervals with maintained performance and requires less frequent cleaning. Improved filtration capacity and a well-sealed system help stop abrasive particles from entering the combustion chamber for a chainsaw with a healthier engine that can operate for longer.

Quick air/fuel mix adjustment
In 2009, Husqvarna introduced AutoTuneTM, enabling system calibration without the need for manual adjustments. This means the machine will always be correctly tuned in ever-changing operating conditions, maximising uptime. AutoTuneTM also significantly reduces exhaust emissions, assisting in long term compliance with worldwide emissions regulations and a cleaner working environment.

X-CUT® chain with start/stop tie-strap
The second chain to leave the new chain factory in Huskvarna, Sweden, is the C85 X-CUT® fitted as standard on the 572 XP®, optimising the cutting experience. The new chain is a full chisel, 3/8” chain for professional use and is easy to spot due to the golden tie-strap that helps loggers keep track of the start/finish of their filing loop. Like the other X-CUT® chain SP33G, the chain is sharp out of the box, pre-stretched, highly durable, and improves cutting efficiency.

Other key features of the 572XP®
• Anti-vibration system reduces fatigue in arms and hands
• Flip-up fuel and oil caps are easy to open and secure without tools
• Air injection filters 98 per cent of incoming dust
• Better chip ejection avoids clogging
• Front handlebar position is 10 mm closer to the centre of gravity for improved control
• Felling sight to last a lifetime
• Rubber handle inlay for safe and good grip
• Transparent fuel level indicator
• Magnesium crankcase.

Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II
Powerful, durable and easy to manoeuvre, this 50cc chainsaw has been developed to deliver outstanding cutting capacity. Suitable for felling, limbing and bucking small and mid-sized trees, as well as for challenging tree care. The slimmed-down design and host of innovative features make for efficient, reliable and comfortable operation.

Cutting Capacity that makes a difference
The Mark II generation of the 550 XP® delivers power and performance beyond expectations. The optimised combination of high-power output and high chain speed is further enhanced by using the SP33G X-CUT® chain and the durable X-FORCETM bar. For the 550 XP® Mark II, this translates into an impressive cutting capacity, considerably more than its closest competitor*.

Built to withstand, designed to endure
The 550 XP® Mark II has been engineered for maximised durability and reliability, no matter the conditions. The professional-grade air filter design and vastly improved Air Injection™ technology and of AutoTune™ account for reliable uptime. Extra attention has been given to the engine’s cooling through an optimised airflow and minute attention to every detail. The carburettor temperature is protected by an extra-strong heat shield, helping the overall cooling capacity as well as enabling easier starts during hot conditions or when you’ve operated the engine intensely.

Comfort and Manoeuvrability
True to Husqvarna chainsaw heritage, the 550 XP® Mark II has a user-centric design.This extremely well-balanced saw body with low gyroscopic forces provides excellent manoeuvrability and handling, enabling users to work longer without tiring. The ergonomically designed handles provide a safe, comfortable grip.

Designed for professionals, this 50cc chainsaw has two felling sights, one vertical and one horizontal, moulded into the plastic for clear aiming and permanent guidance.

Power and Acceleration
Different tasks require different tools. And different cutting jobs require different amounts of power, acceleration and flexibility. The 550 XP® Mark II will provide ample power and a cutting capacity to satisfy even the most demanding forestry workers and arborists. The extreme acceleration and high rpm will make easy work out of advanced tree removals and cutting up to 40cm logs and branches.

Other key features of the 550XP® Mark II
• Quick-release air filter
• Felling site to last a lifetime
• Snap-lock cylinder cover
• Visible fuel level
• Adjustable oil pump
• Magnesium Crankcase
• Air Injection®
• X-Torq®
• AutoTune™
• Retained bar nuts
• Quick chain adjustments
• Three-piece crankshaft.
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