If you are used to working with petrol-powered equipment like I am, try the battery powered Husqvarna 536 LiPT5 polesaw and let it blow you away.

This month I was asked to test a Husqvarna 536 LiPT5 polesaw. I was interested to see how technology is evolving and curious as to whether this would be good or an under powered dud. I have used some competitors’ battery-powered tools recently and noticed some big improvements over the years.

Years ago I was working for Active Tree Service and was asked to remove a tree under lights at night with an EWP. The site was Pennant Hills Road and deemed to be too busy to close any lanes in the day, so the removal had to be performed at night.

We were using battery-powered saws due to noise restrictions and they were pathetic. They were quickly ditched for the louder, but much more powerful, hydraulic saws. Last year, I was working with a mate who owned a couple of battery saws, and the improvements in power were very noticeable. I still couldn’t quite vision myself grabbing one over a two-stroke, however I was amazed with how quiet they were.

I will give you an example, I was doing the maintenance on the chipper first thing in the morning, after we all looked at the job. And when I didn’t hear a saw after 20 minutes… I started thinking what are those bludgers up to? I walked around to the backyard and there were branches on the ground everywhere! I was surprised how stealth it was. Even the most experienced of street captains would have been unsuspecting of the tree work happening.

When I was asked to try the Husqvarna 536 LiPT5 polesaw, I was curious. It looks small and compact but this polesaw extends to five metres. It’s also noticeably lighter than a petrol-powered poley. So we figured out to hold the ON button until it lights up and we were ready to go. The first thing I noticed was how fast the chain speed was compared to the last battery-powered polesaw I used from a competitor’s brand about a month ago. So I lined up the first branch wondering if the chain would slow down or if this Husqvarna was going to have some torque. Zip! I cut a branch the size of my wrist and thought… Wow! I could have speared that.

So I cut another one and zip! I was excited. Plenty of chain speed and plenty of torque. I thought this 536 LiPT5 Husqvarna polesaw is worthy and I would own it over a petrol one.

I will absolutely stand by this statement because the second I finished this test drive, I jumped on the phone to the Sales Manager and asked him what he wanted for it. I was impressed and if they start making bigger saws that can equal petrol saws I’m interested. Battery advantages are:
• If you are on a pruning job, the lack of noise keeps those sticky beak street captains at bay
• No mixing fuel
• Kind on the ears
• Always on, just hit the trigger
• Seems to be lighter
• You could start at 6:00am and not disturb anyone

Without testing any bigger saws, this polesaw made me a fan of battery power to the point that I wanted to own it after the first cut.

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