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Have Your Say – Words By Skills Impact

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A review of the arboriculture training units is under way. Skills Impact invites you to provide your feedback.

Arboriculture qualifications and units of competency will be updated to reflect current practice, as part of a new project that also aims to remove significant barriers to training and assessment.

Arborists are on the National Skills Needs List and with falling training enrolment numbers, employers are facing severe challenges in attracting skilled staff. Some of the current qualifications have been identified as having structural barriers to entry. Some of the current units contain prerequisites and content which make them exceptionally difficult to deliver.

Six arboriculture qualifications and 42 units from the AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package will be reviewed.

Skills Impact invites you to provide your feedback on the existing qualifications and units, which can be viewed on the project webpage: http://www.skillsimpact.com.au/horticulture-conservation-and-land-management/training-package-projects/ arboriculture-project.

Register your interest and ensure that you select Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation & Land Management. You will also be notified when Skills Impact conduct public forums in your state.

The qualifications and units need to reflect real work experience. So if you work in the sector, Skills Impact would appreciate your input and help. They will keep you informed of project updates and consultation opportunities the project webpage.

The project is well under way but your feedback is welcomed at any time. Please feel free to contact the project manager, Tom Vassallo on (03) 9321 3526 or tvassallo@skillsimpact.com.au.


September – October 2018

Initial scoping – Complete

October – November 2018

Development of draft qualifications, skill sets and units

October – November 2018

Drafts available for broader consultation

February – March 2019

Validation of final drafts

April 2019

Finalisation of Training Package components

May – June 2019

Independent Quality Assurance, and Edit and Equity review of Training Package components

June 2019

IRC consideration for sign-off and submission for endorsement

Qualification And Units

Below is a list of current qualifications and units proposed for revision as part of this project. In preparation for the review of these components, we invite you to provide your input on the current qualifications and units. We would like to know what changes or updates should be made to the components so that they meet the skills needs of the industry.

Qualifications that will be reviewed as part of this project include:

  • AHC20516 Certificate II in Arboriculture
  • AHC30816 Certificate III in Arboriculture
  • AHC41916 Certificate IV in Arboriculture
  • AHC50516 Diploma of Arboriculture
  • AHC60516 Advanced Diploma of Arboriculture
  • AHC80116 Graduate Diploma of Arboriculture
  • Units that will be reviewed as part of this project include:
  • AHCARB201 Apply a range of treatments to trees
  • AHCARB206 Operate and maintain stump grinding machines
  • AHCARB207 Perform ground based rigging
  • AHCARB208 Recognise trees
  • AHCARB209 Assist with aerial rescue from the ground
  • AHCARB210 Work effectively in the arboriculture industry
  • AHCARB301 Implement a tree maintenance program
  • AHCARB302 Inspect trees for access and work
  • AHCARB303 Perform pruning operations
  • AHCARB305 Dismantle trees
  • AHCARB306 Undertake aerial rescue
  • AHCARB307 Use advanced climbing techniques
  • AHCARB308 Install cable and bracing
  • AHCARB309 Implement a tree protection program
  • AHCARB310 Perform aerial rigging
  • AHCARB311 Tie, dress, set and finish arborist knots
  • AHCARB312 Use standard climbing techniques to access trees
  • AHCARB313 Identify trees
  • AHCARB401 Verify pruning specifications
  • AHCARB402 Supervise and audit tree operations
  • AHCARB403 Perform a ground-based tree defect evaluation
  • AHCARB404 Conduct a safety audit
  • AHCARB405 Perform geospatial data collection
  • AHCARB502 Identify, select and specify trees
  • AHCARB504 An arboricultural impact assessment report
  • AHCARB505 Document and audit tree work
  • AHCARB506 Prepare arborist reports
  • AHCARB507 Tree plans using computer-aided design software
  • AHCARB601 Examine and assess trees
  • AHCARB602 Diagnose tree diseases
  • AHCARB603 Interpret diagnostic test results
  • AHCARB604 Measure and improve the performance of urban forests
  • AHCARB605 Provide consultation in a legal framework
  • AHCARB606 Develop an operational tree management plan
  • AHCARB607 Review and develop strategic tree policy
  • AHCARB701 Analyse tree biomechanics
  • AHCARB702 Analyse mycology cultures
  • AHCARB703 Research urban forest performance
  • AHCARB704 Conduct an entomology research project
  • AHCARB801 Contextualise diagnostic tests
  • AHCARB802 Develop an urban forest management framework
  • AHCARB803 Analyse edaphic interactions of trees and structures

Stakeholder Consultation Process

A list of key stakeholder organisations is being developed for this project. Skills Impact will ensure contact is made with each of these organisations during the development of this project to seek their involvement and their views on the draft qualifications and units.

If you are aware of an organisation that you think should be involved, please contact the project team to ensure they are contacted by Skills Impact.

Of course, all and any interested industry participants are encouraged to engage in the consultation of this project, when the draft qualifications and units are available for feedback via this webpage and workshops that take place around Australia. Consultation is not limited to the organisations on this list. This list simply helps Skills Impact to identify those organisations that, because of their industry role, size or specialty, are likely to have a key interest in the development and outcomes of this project.

Opportunities For Stakeholder Input

Stakeholder input is appreciated throughout the duration of this project. The documents will be drafted in consultation with Subject Matter Experts and their networks. Opportunities to provide targeted feedback will occur for validation of final drafts which is expected in February 2019. However, your feedback is welcomed at any time, and will help us in drafting the qualification and units.

It is important that training provides a skilled and flexible workforce for the future. The qualification and units need to reflect real work experience. So if you work in the sector, Skills Impact would appreciate your input and help.

Please feel free to register your interest for project updates and consultation opportunities by following the newsletter subscription link below. Alternatively, please feel free to contact the project manager, Tom Vassallo on (03) 9321 3526 or http://tvassallo@skillsimpact.com.au.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts will be drawn on throughout this project to help review and draft the revised units, skill sets and qualifications.

If you are interested in applying to be a subject matter expert and are able to volunteer your time to this project, please email details of your expertise to tvassallo@skillsimpact.com.au

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