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Hansa Meeting Expectations

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Hansa and Treescape are two companies that share similar humble beginnings. First crossing paths in 1987, and now again in 2019, today one of the Treescape team talks about their latest chipper purchase and shares their experience.

As a new generation of Green Asset Management specialists, Treescape is a company that now prides itself as one of Australasia’s largest arboriculture service providers. Recognised in the industry as a diverse and fast-growing business, they currently operate in multiple locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Started in 1981 by founders Ed Chignell and Brandon Whiddett, Treescape originally started their operations with little more than a VW Beetle, a couple of chainsaws and a solid work ethic. Today, their range of services has grown significantly, expanded and diversified. With Australian operations started in 2006, Treescape now employs over 600 staff across Australasia.

Aside from a large and diverse fleet of chippers, Treescape’s fleet also features: tub grinders, MEWP units, tip trucks, stump grinders, treespades, excavators, spider aerial work platforms and tractor mulchers. With a chipper collection ranging from mobile 35hp 6″ units through to a 750hp tracked 23″ whole tree chipper. Treescape knows the importance of using the right tool for the job. The smaller towable chippers are ideal for use by residential crews, while the largest capacity machines are reserved for forestry sites and larger projects where access is not an issue.

Speaking of their latest purchase – a Hansa 10” tracked chipper – Nelson based Business Manager Lian Polack shares his experience.

“We chose the Hansa C60RX tracked chipper for the flexibility on our work sites. Being able to track into difficult access sites but also being able to chip whilst still on the trailer into our tip truck makes it very versatile. One of the main differences between the C60RX and other tracked chippers is the ability to use the chipper on or off the bespoke trailer.”

The chipper that Lian’s team purchased is the C60RX model with optional winch and lift-and crush. As a fully proportional remote-controlled chipper, the operator can maintain a safe distance during operation. Whilst it is rated as a 10” chipper, the C60RX features a wide infeed opening of 254 x 457mm (10”x18”), excellent for processing foliage, brushy and forked branches. Treescape also purchased the T20 trailer to go with their Hansa – a bespoke trailer designed not only for maintaining the C60RX chipper at an ergonomic working height while mounted, but also for quick loading and unloading via the built-in ramps and strapping system.

Technical and service support were also mentioned as one of Lian’s considerations – with Hansa’s Headquarters in Hamilton, New Zealand (and their Australian facilities in Brisbane) the Hansa team are better equipped to respond promptly. Spare and replacement parts can be shipped quickly unlike machines from off-shore.

“Our local contact at Hansa was Steve Childs who has been very easy to deal with. The Hansa team were open to our conversations around modifications, and most of what we wanted Hansa were developing or already had available. Steve worked with me to bring the C60 to an awkward worksite, and after induction and demonstration, we let the crew use the chipper for a morning.”

“Our crews’ feedback was that the chipper was easy to use. They enjoyed the versatility of being able to reduce winching/dragging time on site and the feed tray was a good height/width. Most importantly, they felt that the C60 was a lot gruntier than they expected,” added Lian.

Speaking with Hansa, the team are happy to see their chipper working for Treescape. Managing Director, Martin Vogel says: “Our first sale to Treescape was actually three decades ago back in 1987. They were one of our first customers for the commercial CII chippers, and they purchased two from my father at the time. It’s really fantastic to see how their company and team has grown since then.”

The CII chippers were a towable 27HP diesel drum chipper with 4”-5” maximum capacity – and one of the very few chippers available at the time.

“It’s a real testament to my father’s work, as we have come across other customers who have been using the original CI and CII series chippers for almost three decades. However, our chippers have really come a long way.”

Speaking about Hansa’s changes over the years, Martin adds, “Expectations change. What were once bells-and-whistles are now expected as a standard. We specialise in chippers, so listening to our customers and working closely with arborists to innovate is core to what we do. The advancements we developed over the years such as capacity, safety, efficiency, modularity and features really make our modern chippers an entirely different beast.”

For more information on the Hansa range visit www.hansachippers.com.au

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