Hansa C65 Versatility at under 2000kg

Ideal choice for serious arborists looking to start or grow their business.

Sporting the Deutz F4L2011, a 64HP, 4 cylinder, diesel air-oil cooled engine, the Hansa C65 is a 10″ disk chipper which boasts a selection of useful optional upgrades as well as thoughtfully designed details that makes it a versatile choice for the serious arborist.

At a glance the Hansa C65 might stand out visually for its streamlined angles, but the design is more than just aesthetic, with safety in mind for form and function to minimise debris and bring the controls kerb-side for operator safety. The C65’s controls themselves are worth mentioning too, with a new electrical cabinet and IFM controller that means less hardware with more advanced software for engine management and auto-feed control for aggressive but controlled feeding.

For even more utility when it comes to feeding, optional upgrades like the winch and lift-and-crush are designed to be modular, making it ideal for businesses looking to grow. Service intervals as well as a doublesided blade design, you can expect more operating hours between changes.

Its real beauty however still lies in its power-to-weight ratio – at only 1950kg when fully fuelled and kitted with options, the Hansa C65 chipper is tough but one of the lightest chippers of its size on the market, ensuring an arborist’s job of getting into areas that don’t accept industrial sized machines easier.

For more information visit www.hansaproducts.com.au

Widely considered to be the best in its class, this powerful, lightweight, manoeuvrable hydraulic feed chipper boasts extraordinary capacity to weight ratio. This feature is accentuated by its wide feed opening – often described as a ‘small in size but big in capacity’ chipper, all achieved through clever design and manufacturing.

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