Hansa and Predator

Having previously introduced Hansa and their impressive range of commercial chippers, this time we cover Hansa’s other specialty – as the leading distributor of Predator stump grinders in Australia and New Zealand.

With a variety of options suitable for arborists through to stump grinding specialists, the Predator range includes cost-effective manual machinery through to the tracked narrow-access grinders that Predator are renown for. Predator designs and supplies rugged, reliable and compact grinders to the arb industry worldwide.

The machines are designed from an operator’s perspective and drawn upon many years of experience in the field to get it right. This ensures that when purchasing a Predator, you’re not only buying a quality machine but you’re also investing in a cost-effective tree stump grinding solution to suit your business strategy.

Hansa and Predators morals go hand in hand – if you buy a product for yourself or your business, you not only own an amazing piece of kit, but also the peace of mind of knowing that it’s backed by a company that is dedicated to providing support and service throughout the entire lifetime of the machine.

What’s available?

ST-661 – The Handy Grinder

Hiring a stump grinder on a regular basis can eat away at your profits. The ST-661 is an affordable, access-all-areas tree stump grinding solution for even the smallest arborist firms.

The ST-661 is a lightweight, high performance tree stump grinding attachment for the Stihl MS 661 chainsaw.

Manufactured in the UK using advanced tools and materials, these attachments are the perfect solution for arb professionals seeking to offer a stump grinding service, without excessive outlay.

The attachment is compact and can be easily taken to site with the rest of your tools. Simply attach to your existing Stihl MS 661 engine and have a stump grinder ready to do the job instantly. No more lost profits on subcontracting or hire.

With a light footprint, the attachment is perfect for removing stumps in delicate areas like flowerbeds or lawns.

Predator 38RX – Big, Powerful Machine in a Small Package

If you’re looking for a big machine in a small package, then look no further than the remote controlled Predator 38RX. This large high-performance stump grinder can undertake both commercial and residential work making it the perfect machine to cover all jobs. Smooth, powerful and reliable and fitted with an onboard radio remote control.

The remote control allows excellent visibility and improved operator safety and positioning, it means you can grind a stump without having to stand at the back of the machine and maintain a safe distance when traversing rough terrain. Vibration levels are zero. Control is absolute. The sophisticated controller with a range of 400 yards cannot be interfered with by other units, operates on its own unique frequency and is programmed to shut the machine down if interference occurs.

The controls are fully proportional and as accurate as a lever. They’re fully programmable – if you have a rental fleet and you want everything slowed down, no problem, it’s a simple task using the supplied programming cable.

It’s the machine for every contract and the specs speak for themselves. The P38RX has a cutting depth of 450mm, a swing of 1140mm and a cutting height of 821mm combined with a width of just 670mm and 37hp.

Predator 50RX – Everything you need Last but certainly not least is the Predator 50RX, it is without a doubt the most versatile stump grinder on the market. Whatever your requirements, a machine that can grind this effortlessly, fit through narrow gaps, doesn’t have a belt or clutch in sight, and looks as good and works as well as the Predator 50RX has got to be worth checking out.

With a 50hp diesel Hatz engine and minimum width of 790mm, this machine is not only narrower than most grinders with half its power, but with rear hydraulic PTO for attachments, it is far more capable – this machine can cut effortlessly to a depth of 380mm with a swing of 1500mm.

The variable width track base travels from 790-1170mm at the touch of a button, allowing this powerful machine to fit through a gateway narrower than 900mm with ease.

Like all Predator grinders, the P50RX comes as standard with the multi-tip cutter wheel, which just like the rest of the models, has two leading teeth, each with four cutter tips that can be changed in under a minute. This combination allows you to get maximum performance from a smaller machine and really makes the job easier.

Predator uses the fully proportional, highly accurate and incredibly reliable Scanreco G2B radio control system. This is commonly found on cranes, it allows the operator to have the feel and control of a hydraulic lever, whilst having the flexibility and vision of a remote operator.

For more information visit http://hansaproducts.com.au or call 1800 426 722

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