Grinding Out Profits with a Bandit Stump Grinder

Every contractor wants their stump grinder to be trouble free, easy to maintain and highly productive.

It needs to be a great profit center for their business. To ensure this is achieved, every Bandit machine is built by specialized teams utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, traditional hand-assembly, and extensive welded construction – machines that are built to last. Here is a run-down of the Bandit stump grinder range.

Model ZT1844 Compact Track Stump Grinder

Since its market release in 2015, Bandit’s compact Model ZT1844 has proven to be super popular in Australia and around the world. Owners love its high productivity, powerful track drive, competitive purchase price and low running costs.

The ZT1844 is fitted with Kohler’s strong 38hp electronic fuel injected petrol engine for low fuel usage and easy starting. Engineered with durable, rugged components, a wide swing arc and deep grinding depth, you easily can tackle larger stumps and chase roots deep into the ground.

The ZT1844 runs only eight of the 900 series Green teeth which grind brilliantly and more than halve your tooth costs and maintenance times compared with other machines.

The chassis has a low center of gravity making stumps disappear quickly and safely. Read The Australian Arbor Age Test Drive review of this compact powerhouse on page 44-45 of this issue.

Bandit Model SA- 25

Do you run a skid steer in your business? Bandit’s Model SA- 25 will mount to the front of just about every make of skid-steer loader in seconds, turning the machine into a powerful Bandit stump grinder. The SA-25 features a massive hydraulic motor and cutter wheel; the same sized components found on Bandit’s 114hp Model 2900XP. Extremely robust and less than one third of the price of a typical 115hp stump grinder, if you own a skid steer you need a Bandit SA-25 in your fleet. Contact Bandit for a demo and put it to the test.

Bandit 2550XP, 2650XP and 2900XP Bandit’s larger self-propelled machines, the 2550XP (44hp diesel), 2650XP (62hp) and 2900XP (114hp) use hydro static pumps and motors to directly power the cutter wheel. Their design eliminates all gearboxes, clutches, belts, shafts, pulleys and bearings that typically require expensive maintenance and replacement on other machines. With a Bandit hydro static stump grinder it’s not uncommon to see maintenance costs drop by over 40 per cent when compared to traditional stump grinders.

Bandit stump grinders are proven to build profits for your business and are supported by a dedicated Dealer network Australia-wide.

Call Bandit Tree Equipment on 1800 681 733 to arrange a demo of their chippers and grinders today.  For more information visit

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