Grappling with the new year

Getting the job done faster and more efficiently has to be at the top of the new year’s resolution list for anyone doing tree work. Intermercato grapples are known as the arborist’s choice and have the special ingredients to speed your way through your workload like never before in 2023.

Exceptionally lightweight, with a large opening to take big logs and loads, they are designed to get the most out of your mini digger so you can power through each job and get on with the next. All Intermercato grapples are imported directly from Sweden and constructed with genuine Hardox steel.

Grab only or grab and rotator

The Intermercato Australia team believe it’s important to tailor your grapple set-up to suit your individual preferences and machines. That’s why you can choose from an Intermercato grab or grab-and-rotator assembly.

An optional rotator is available with all grapples and the Intermercato Australia team carry a large range of rotators to suit every requirement. According to the team, using a rotator can make your machine 30% more productive.

Worm-drive rotators allow you to hold limbs in the air and prevent them falling down on a customer’s fence or roof – a handy quality on the job! Another type of rotator, the RMR style, is super speedy and perfect for feeding chippers.

An additional rotator will add approximately 40kg to your kit, and if you only have one set of auxiliaries, Intermercato Australia’s in-house customisation team can use a 12V diverter valve to allow switching between grab and rotator with the press of a button in your cab.

Customisation is all part of the service at Intermercato Australia. A phone call or email chat with the expert team will provide advice on how best to fit an Intermercato grapple to your digger, and any adaptation can be carried out in their inhouse workshop.

Supply issues over

Last year’s supply issues are now a thing of the past, and Intermercato has plenty of stock. The range includes:
• Log grab TG12S 70kg – opens to 765mm wide, suits 1-2T
• Log grab TG16S 80kg – opens to 925mm wide, suits 1-3T
• Log grab TG22S 140kg – opens to 1310mm wide, suits 2-4T
• Five-finger grab TG12SR5 – 80kg opens to 810mm wide, suits 1-2T
• Five-finger grab TG16SR5 95kg – opens to 950mm wide, suits 1-3T
• Five-finger grab TG16PROSR5 105kg – opens to 930mm wide, suits 1-4T.

All grabs are delivered Australia wide with a hydraulic hose kit and couplers ready to work.

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