Goedemorgen, CMC EWPs!

CMC’s web now has six official languages!

As of August 01, 2023, CMC speaks Dutch.

It’s another milestone for the Italy-based brand of spider platforms, its website is translated formally into six languages to better understand and interpret the lifting needs of approximately 30 million native Dutch speakers, or native residents of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and expats, around the world.

This figure intersects with the more than 20,000 users who are already followers of the CMC brand on its official digital channels, such as Facebook and Tiktok, just to mention the most traditional. There are more than 4000 who visit the official CMC website every month with average stays of about 10 minutes.

These leading digital numbers position CMC’s red spiderlifts as an absolute must-have in its reference category at the international level.

The Dutch language, in addition to Italian, English, German, French, and Spanish, is already present on CMC’s institutional internet portal, which was completely redesigned and revamped in the summer of 2021, designed and optimised for the latest generation of smartphones. The new CMC web experience aligns with the profound and necessary digital transformation strategy inaugurated by the brand at the end of 2019, and which has brought tangible value-added results for the brand, increasing perception and demand in all markets.

When talking about self-propelled tracked aerial platforms with world-leading performance and reliability worldwide, no word narrows the language gap between people like ‘CMC’.

For more information and to visit the Dutch version of the CMC website: cmclift.com/nl

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