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Go Where Others Can’t

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Introducing the largest Spider Lift in Australia.

Monitor Lifts have delivered the first Platform Basket 43T Spider Lift in Australia. This popular brand of Spider Lifts, previously stretching from 13m to 33m working height, now has a beast of a big brother!

With a massive 43m (141 ft) of working height, and up to 17m of horizontal outreach, the new 43T Spider Lift is truly a formidable weapon. Combined with a huge 330kg / 3 man basket capacity, this machine has the ability to tackle the toughest jobs where size really does matter!

Even though it can provide massive reach, the new 43T Spider Lift is incredibly compact. Stowing to only 1.4m wide, under 2m tall, and having the ability to setup in around 3m of width, thanks to the 3 position stabiliser legs system, you will certainly “Go where others can’t”!

The remote control provides slow/fast drive speed, precise and accurate auto levelling, and quick boom movements, guaranteeing highly productive outcomes on the job!

The enormous amount (1.3m) of stabilizer leg travel allows the 43T Spider Lift to set up and operate in the most challenging terrain.

The powerful 37 HP Kubota Diesel engine and multi-torque track drive system will ensure it gets to the location with ease. The tracks are independently raised/lowered from the radio control unit, allowing you to level the chassis on sloping terrain which provides excellent control of stability and centre of gravity.

With its main telescopic boom, coupled with the unique telescopic fly jib and platform rotation, the 43T Spider Lift will also allow operators to manoeuvre the basket into the work zone with fine precision. And once the job is complete, hold in the ‘Auto-Stow’ button and the machine fully stows the booms for you.

Available with a powerful on-board lithium battery system, the 43T Spider Lift can be fully operated on battery, greatly reducing noise and elimination any emissions. Brilliant for operation around residential areas, schools, university’s, etc. And it’s very easy to charge the batteries – simply plug into a standard 10 amp power supply.

Combined with Monitor Lifts’ unmatched National customer service team, this is truly a winning package.

For further information, call 1800 025 024. or visit www.monitor.net.au

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