Global Machinery Sales has made it a mission to secure high-end brands for the Australian tree-care industry

CMC Lifts

CMC Lifts was the first big brand brought into the country by Global Machinery Sales.

Introduced to Australians in 2013, CMC Lifts has now grown into one of the largest and most popular spider lifts in Australia. CMC has always striven to be at the forefront of the EWP business, with new models released yearly, and now a full R&D factory for improvements and state-of-the-art new equipment.

Först chippers

In 2019 Global Machinery Sales saw the need for a high-performance 6-inch to 8-inch chipper and research led to Först.

These wheeled and tracked chippers have been a huge success in the Australian market. Customers cannot believe how well they work when they see a demonstration, always leading to the question, “When can I have one?” With fuel prices rising rapidly these machines have become a great inclusion for a lot of tree businesses. Realising, ‘I’m better off operating a machine of this size’, they’re swapping out a few of their older 18-inch chippers and trying a new Först.

BG Lift

The lates latest brand Global Machinery Sales has brought to Australia is BG Lift spider cranes.

BG Lift has a fantastic name in Europe, and Global is sure it will win the hearts of Australian tree businesses, making work safer and easier. BG Lift has an impressive model range that offers Australian arborists a machine suited to most needs and tasks.


Rayco USA was acquired in 2017, and Global Machinery Sales now has the Morbark chipper range.

Morbark makes excellent large equipment, from horizontal grinders down to 12-inch chippers.

Global has many orders in for chippers ranging from 12-inch to 22-inch, and they’ll be landing over the next 12 months. Rayco stump grinders have always been a market leader, with models ranging from 13hp to 165hp. Global has been supplying Rayco grinders to Australia for well over 30 years.

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