Giant Tingle: 98 feet tall and 82 feet diameter

Looking just like it split once it got to its base, the huge Eucalyptus jacksonii ‘Giant Tingle’ is in Walpole Nornalup National Park in Walpole, WA.

Commonly known as the ‘red tingle’, Eucalyptus jacksonii is a species of tall tree endemic to the southwest of Western Australia. It has thick, rough, stringy reddish bark from the base of the trunk to the thinnest branches, egg-shaped to lance-shaped adult leaves, flower buds in groups of seven, white flowers and shortened spherical to barrel-shaped fruit.

The ‘Giant Tingle Tree’ is a tourist attraction and has a base hollowed by fire and is claimed to have the largest girth of any living eucalypt. It was thought to have been planted around 1720, give or take 50 years, which makes it a little more than 300 years old, give or take 50 years.

The red tingle is often compared to the other two species – the yellow tingle (Eucalyptus guilfoylei) and Rate’s tingle (Eucalyptus brevistylis) are smaller. The red tingle is more closely related to Rate’s tingle, both of which belong to the subgenus Eucalyptus.

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