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Giant Pine Scale

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As you are aware, giant pine scale impacts pine, fir and spruce trees and has been found on 162 properties with over 4,300 infested trees in the south east suburbs of Melbourne.

As part of the Victorian government’s response, infested rees were chemically treated. It has been determined that these treatments have only been partially effective and live scale insects remain on treated trees. The National Management Group, Australia’s key technical body for coordinating national responses to emergency plant pests and diseases, has determined that it is no longer technically feasible to eradicate giant pine scale. It is still important to exercise good hygiene practices when working on host trees to prevent any further spread of the plant pest and to protect Australia’s $1.16 billion softwood industry.

The assistance from companies and individuals from associated industries during the response phase has been critical in the efforts to limit the spread of this pest. Your co-operation during this phase is greatly appreciated.

If you suspect there is giant pine scale on any trees that have not already been identified and tagged by Agriculture Victoria  please report the detection to Agriculture Victoria by phoning 136 186 or emailing  plant.protection@ecodev.vic.gov.au

More info about giant pine scale is available at www.vic.gov.au/giantpinescale.

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