Genuine Husqvarna Accessories – Technical Arborist Helmet

Don’t let bad equipment get in your way. Husqvarna’s Parts and Accessories allow you to keep on going no matter what the situation, with maximum effect and results beyond your expectation. By choosing original parts from our complete and extensive product range you are guaranteed the same high quality throughout the lifespan of each and every product

The Husqvarna Technical Arborist Helmet is a light weight and ventilated ABS helmet for professional arborist, approved for working at heights. Unique harness adjustment with two wheels that centres the head in the helmet for the best balance and stability on the head. Only for work at height – not approved for forestry work on the ground. Complete with Husqvarna premium hearing protection and UltraVision visor – which offers 20% light reduction giving a clearer view.

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