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Fueling Your Body

by admin

Are you sick and tired of being tired and sick?

Energy. Why does it seem like some people have so much of it and others can barely get out of bed in the morning?

We need to start treating our bodies like the amazing things they are, rather than just taking them for granted and only thinking about them when something starts to ‘break down’. If you take your car to be serviced, get the oil changed, have the wheels aligned and you proactively keep it tuned-up you know it’s going to last longer, have fewer problems and perform to the best of its ability! Don’t you think you should start looking at your body the same way? So how do we change the oil and align the tires in our bodies?

Below are some tips to start implementing today.

  1. Drink More Water! So many of us are walking around like shrivelled-up, old prunes because we’re NOT hydrated. Next time your energy is feeling low, grab a litre of water and drink up. It’s also a great idea to start your day with a litre of water before you have anything else – make a commitment to drink more water.
  2. Get Moving. If your energy is low it can sometimes deter you from moving but trust me, even the biggest sleepy heads have found mega energy by moving their bodies. Even just 15 minutes will give you a brilliant energy boost.
  3. Be Happy. No-one likes a ‘Sad Harry’ so when someone asks you how you are, tell enormous. Next time you find your internal dialogue saying, “I feel tired” or “I don’t have any energy” try replacing it with, “I feel fantastic and I have loads of energy” – watch the power these simple phrases can have on your life.
  4. Despite what we’re told by the media the sun is NOT out to get us. It’s the greatest source of energy and I encourage you to get outside in it! Don’t be stupid and fry yourself to a crisp though – try putting some cold-pressed coconut oil on your skin and get out for mins or so, instant energy!
  5. Have you ever eaten a meal and then slipped into a ‘food coma’?
    You know the one where you’re laying on the couch and don’t want to move? It feels gross doesn’t it? When you eat a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds this doesn’t happen. Wholefoods give you masses of energy and the fuel your body needs to be at full potential!
  1. Find out your spinal age. You are only as old as your spine and this is why you can see two 60-year olds walking down the street who may have completely different postures, activity levels, levels of happiness and levels of arthritis and decay. One has a much older spinal age than the other. Have your spine checked by a wellness chiropractor to be getting the most performance and energy out of your body.

For more information contact the Chiropractic Central in Lane Cove via email at adminlc@chiropracticcentral.com.au or call (02) 9418 9031.

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