Forst Wood Chippers

Global Machinery Sales is introducing a whole new range to the Australian market.

Forst Wood Chippers

Every new Forst Wood Chipper comes with an absolutely guaranteed, no quibble three-year warranty. It’s all about making your life and job easy and that’s just what the three-year warranty is designed to do giving you an excellent product and an outstanding warranty to make your purchase decision as straightforward as possible.

The ST6P is a genuine, hardy, performance tool; building on the Först reputation of jaw-dropping performance and robust, tough construction.

Hosting a 37HP petrol engine, which is a much lighter engine than the diesel unit, but putting out more horsepower, this machine offers a staggering performance and chipping speed. This engine picks up quicker when the no stress cuts in than a smaller diesel engine, which means this machine is fast, it’s also as fuel efficient as the diesel believe it or not!

Forstgrip Feed Roller System

The new Forst Wood Chippers come with twin hydraulic horizontal feed roller system offering exceptional grip on timber. The large top feed lifts on an arc, climbing toward the timber rather than lifting straight up and down – this makes climbing butt ends exceptional. High tension due to twin heavy duty springs and a large bearings supporting either side of the top feed roller ensures strength and durability.

The ST8 runs a 44hp Diesel Kubota engine, it’s fast powerful and aggressive and comes with the Forst touch button feed, grip feed roller system and Auto Intelligence. You will love the design of this machine and how easy it is to service and maintain.

The tracked chippers this size are new and exciting products for Global Machinery Sales. They see a huge potential market for them. With a trailer designed for the machine you could work off the trailer like   a normal wheeled chipper, or if you needed to take it round the back of a property, not a problem, the tracked chippers can safely traverse inclines up to a 20 degrees.

Just as you see it. The Forst 3 Year Warranty is a comprehensive parts and labour warranty, which comes as standard with every Forst product. Why not guarantee a product for 3 years when you have the confidence in its quality and longevity?

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