Först 8 Series chippers

The renowned Först 8 Series chippers, which have won the hearts of European customers with their performance, build quality, and simplicity, are now making a significant impact in the Australian market. As the best-selling 8″ wood chipper in Europe, Först continues to build on its success with an upgraded model that offers even more power and efficiency.

The latest Först XR8 model features a 55hp Doosan diesel engine, boasting a 10hp increase compared to the previous 8″ wood chipper category. This powerful machine can efficiently process up to 8″ in diameter, thanks to its 8″ x 10″ capacity and high-torque engine. The TR8 and ST8 are powered by the proven Kubota 45hp diesel.

Equipped with standard Först benefits such as ‘FörstGrip’ feed rollers for optimal crushing power, the ‘Open Flywheel’ system, and ‘AutoIntelligence’ stress control, this wood chipper delivers exceptional performance.

Built to withstand the rigours of daily arborist use, the 8D series showcases a robust construction with strengthening supports, gussets in key areas, all-steel panels, large ‘C’ sections, and oversized bearings throughout. Arborists can choose between wheeled and tracked models, with the ST8D weighing in at 1450kg, the TR8D at 1600kg, and the XR8D at 2250kg.

Built to withstand the rigours of daily
arborist use, the 8D series showcases
a robust construction.

For those requiring a road-ready version, Först offers an easily towable model complete with heavy-duty running gear, a fully braked chassis, and a handbrake, ensuring safe and effortless transportation to and from job sites.

Since its launch in 2013, the UK-based Först brand has quickly become a market leader for commercial wood chippers across Europe. Now, Australian arborists, rail contractors, local authorities, powerline contractors, and rental/hire companies are embracing the brand, thanks to its unwavering commitment to performance and reliability. Först further demonstrates its confidence in its products by being the first company in the industry to offer a comprehensive three-year, noquibble warranty on all machines.

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