Forestry Workforce Training Program

The Australian Government is investing $10 million over four years in the Forestry Workforce Training Program. The program will support the delivery of skills and training to meet the requirements of Australia’s forest and wood products sectors.

Australia’s forest and wood products industries supply the nation with products for building and construction, packaging and many essential household products and require a specialised workforce to produce these products. An issue faced by these industries is accessing the specific training and credentials required for the workforce.

The forestry industry is a significant employer in rural and regional Australia, directly employing 52,000 people. Due to the remote location and ageing workforce, increased participation in the workforce by First Nations Australians and women will be increasingly important.

To ensure that the program address the issues faced by the forest and wood products industries and the education and training sector, the Australian Government has contracted ForestWorks Ltd to undertake a scoping study.

The scoping study will provide an overview of the existing education and training sectors that service the forest and wood products industries, outline the barriers and present an overview of existing and predicted skills and training needs in the industry. It will provide information and recommendations on how to increase the participation of First Nations Australians in forestry industries and enhance the gender balance within the forestry workforce. The outcomes of the scoping study will inform the design and implementation of the Forestry Workforce Training Program.

A crucial part of the scoping study is engaging with the different industries, government agencies and industries bodies to understand the needs and issues impacting them. ForestWorks Ltd will be conducting stakeholder consultation with a wide range of stakeholder groups in June 2023, with the final scoping study to be submitted to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry by the end of 2023.

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