Fecon Australia: the key to success

Fecon Australia products have played a big part in Victorian-based Bushfire Mitigation & Land Services leaving the minimum environmental footprint.

Bushfire Mitigation & Land Services is a family owned and operated business specialising in preparing private property and public land to reduce the impact of fire, and to recover from both fire and severe storm events.

Based in Victoria, services offered by the company include mulching and mowing, planned burn preparation, weed management, chainsaw operations, property and fence line clearing, rural fencing, fire break and emergency track clearing, construction, stump grinding with minimal ground disturbance, storm recovery works, and vegetation rehabilitation.

Owner Edan Brennan has over 15 years’ extensive experience working in the prevention and suppression of bushfires and on the frontline fighting some of the most significant fires in Victoria and NSW for both government and volunteer agencies. With the commencement of the business they went looking for new specialised equipment that could assist in the mitigation of vegetation hazards.

The Fecon difference

“We identified a need for a stump grinder that could efficiently grind stumps with minimal ground disturbance,” explained Edan. “But we needed a grinder to operate more safely than other products we saw currently on the market.”

After a thorough search of available equipment and watching that equipment in action on YouTube, Edan’s crew found its way to the Fecon website, which allowed a comparison of specifications and operations. It also displayed videos of the equipment in use, which was very helpful.

“After completing our research, we saw Fecon was offering equipment that met our needs,” said Edan.

Personal touch

Edan’s final decision to run with Fecon products came down to the machinery conforming to his company’s ideals, the quality of the product, and value for investment. But meeting Fecon Business Development Manager Jake Langdon was another big contributing factor.

“The service from Jake was outstanding,” Edan remembered. “He didn’t pressure us to purchase, and his professionalism was next level. We felt supported, well informed, and knew purchasing through Fecon Australia was the right option for our business.”


Following the success of the stump grinder, Edan and his team researched the Fecon standardflow mulcher, which also met the company’s requirements and allowed work in more confined spaces.

“The mulcher fitting to a smaller machine meant we were able to meet our environmental goals,” Edan points out, “and we’re able to mulch fine fuels to mitigate bushfire risk.”

Adding the Fecon equipment to the Bushfire Mitigation & Land Services fleet allowed offering much-needed grinding and mulching services, and Edan’s business grew as a result.

The company now offers a broader range of fire-mitigation services with an eye firmly fixed on the company’s environmental goals.

A good decision

Bushfire Mitigation & Land Services hasn’t looked back since the move to Fecon equipment allowed an increase in services offered to customers, and Edan is looking to further expansion and a bright future for the company.

“Our work in stump grinding has seen us grind in excess of 2000 stumps along forestry roads, providing a clear path for future maintenance of the roadside vegetation,” he said. “And the ability to mulch fine fuels in environmentally sensitive areas means we’re able to reduce the risk of bushfires to local communities.

“The ability to run both pieces of equipment from a smaller machine has enabled us to operate with a minimal footprint, and reducing the impact on the ground guarantees the preservation of native flora and fauna, safeguarding our environment for future generations.”

To see more Fecon equipment, log on to fecon.net.au 

Image: Fecon Australia
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