Promo opportunity! EWPs and access equipment!

The August/September 2024 issue of The Australian Arbor Age magazine will feature and promote the fast-growing and essential segment of elevating work platforms (EWPs) and access equipment.

As the industry demands ever more efficient and safer work practices, elevating work platforms and heavy-lifting machinery are becoming a necessary part of any arbor company’s standard equipment.

The Australian Arbor Age will highlight the increasing importance of EWPs and other time-saving access machinery with a focussed and well-informed presentation of some of the industry’s best and most sought-after elevation and access equipment.

Who’ll see the product:

• Over 5300 readers of the print and digital magazines
• Arbor professionals and associations around the country
• Local, state and federal government departments
• Training and educational institutions, and
• Many more on social-media and digital channels.

Grab 2024’s most exciting opportunity and see your product highlighted in Australia’s foremost arbor industry publication.

For further details on available opportunities contact Business Development Manager, Arron Reed, on 0466 923 194, or email

Bookings close July 5, 2024.

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