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Engineered To Succeed

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WPT Power has engineered a range of solutions for Diesel engines in tree applications, which are able to reduce engine wear and increase durability.

PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control

WPT Power’s patented PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control is the perfect product for any equipment with an engine that struggles during machine start-up. With the push of a button, our PythonTM will smoothly engage any WPT Type 1 and Type 2 Power Take-Off to accelerate the most demanding loads. It eliminates the need for bump starting heavy loads which can stall or damage the engine.

This product was designed and tested alongside seasoned experts in the Off-Highway Equipment industry, and was specially engineered for applications with high inertia loads. WPT Power’s patented PythonTM is perfect for the OEM as well as the end user. Features include:

  • Eliminates operator-related engagement abuse
  • Maximises the clutch’s wear component life
  • Optimises clutch engagement for smooth operation
  • Can be easily integrated into OEM control systems
  • Designed and tested to operate in cold weather conditions
  • Self-contained unit. No need for machine hydraulics
  • Compatible with SAE J1939 engine connections
  • Available in 12 or 24 Volt

Hydraulic Power Take-Offs

If you are looking for an innovative, high capacity power take-off, look no further than the WPT® Type 2.

With its versatile design, dry clutch and top-of-the-line spherical roller bearings, the Type 2 PTO have been field-proven in many sideload applications.

The benefits of the WPT Type 2 include the potential for remote engagement, self-adjusting clutch, with air or hydraulic actuation.

Heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs are standard on 14” and 18” models. Bearings are lubricated with either grease or oil.

Customers needing maximum capacity in a small package will find the Type 2 an outstanding PTO for their applications.

Pilotless TM Mechanical Power Take-Off

Industrial engine applications are more demanding than ever. Customers need a solution rugged enough to meet those demands and WPT Power has engineered that solution with the WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off. This design eliminates the pilot bearing and increases side load capacity over previous generations of PTO products. The WPT PilotlessTM Mechanical Power Take-Off will optimise your cost by reducing inventory, increasing uptime, and engine life, and simplify installation time. Features include:

  • Dual spherical roller main bearing design
  • Time savings for assembly since no pilot bearing alignment required
  • Most sizes fit within the envelope of the previous design
  • No direct loading to engine crankshaft increases the life of engine main bearings
  • No installation related engine thrust bearing damage
  • 100 percent equipped with ball-bearing engagement collars
  • Increased side load capacity.

For more information visit http://WPTpower.com, call 0429 787 976 or email asiapacific@wptpower.com

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