Engine Power

WPT Power Take Offs: controlled power for processing and converting organic materials.

Serving a range of industries including forestry, logging, landscaping, recycling, and biomass markets, the need to transmit the power required for equipment to operate translates into one specific part: the Power Take-off. The PTO is an essential component that transfers and controls the engine’s power to the drum in a chipper or grinder. No matter how the PTO is used, there’s a unit suited for your application.

WPT’s Mechanical PTO is commonly found on wood chippers used in park, golf course, and municipal maintenance. Equipped with a lever actuated clutch, this style minimises downtime and reduces the need for maintenance. It’s best suited for in-line and side load applications.

Automotive PTO is named for its use on engines similar to what you might find in a ute. This style makes use of a spring-loaded clutch assembly and is typically easier to engage and disengage. It eliminates the pilot bearing and has easy external adjustments to reduce maintenance time and cost. These are common on most manufacturer’s wood chippers.

The WPT Type 1 PTO utilises a straddle bearing design with the sheave mounted between them. The Type 1 is WPT’s highest side load capacity PTO, and is available with mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic actuation.

The WPT Type 2 is a hydraulic power take-off with either air or hydraulic actuation. The Type 2 design eliminates clutch adjustment throughout its wear life and includes the potential for remote engagement.

The PTO selection process will involve several criteria including application, power, torque, as well as the side load capacity. If the application has unique operational specifications, a new concept may be in order. Bottom line is you need a reliable and rugged PTO and WPT Power performs in your application.

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