Emergency Knives

Emergency knives are having a ‘momentum’ within the tree industry. Arborlab Tree Care tells us all about their high quality range.

Over the last few months, ATC Products had had a number of arborists purchase their emergency knives. You know, that knife that you should carry with you when climbing and something happens and you need to cut a rope to extricate yourself from a situation. The saw is too awkward and you need something like a pocket knife.

The knife most purchased has a serrated edge, is bright orange and has a whistle built in so you can gain a groundies attention.

SOS Pocket Knife with Whistle
This multi-functional knife is perfect for the outdoors: it cuts food and tougher stuff alike thanks to its micro-serrated blade. A fluorescent orange handle makes it easy to spot. Built-in safety clip for easy storage. A whistle built into the handle allows you to signal to others.

Brilliant for arborists and tree workers rescue requirements.

A number of climbers said that a knife is mandatory equipment. So ATC Products thought they better check it out to see if it is mandatory by legislation, or mandatory for the firm they were working with or those they were contracting to.

After a bit of homework it seems that it is not mandatory by legislation to carry an emergency knife, at this stage. But according to Wayne from InterLink Training and Peter from Training For Trees it is certainly something that should be considered as industry best practice.

Emergency Knife
Another of the knives that gained some real attention was the Multi-Tasking Emergency Knife.

The Emergency Knife is a must to keep on hand at all times. Sporting a resolutely futuristic look and equipped with all essential functions for emergencies: window breaker, belt cutter/rope cutter, carabiner and… bottle opener.

Child’s Knife
Wasn’t I surprised when two of the climbers purchased a Child’s Knife.

Finally a knife 100 per cent designed for children! Did I just read that correctly, children? Yes, children! With its ultra-simple push-button blade-locking system for opening and closing and rounded tip, the child will be able to use it safely. The handle is designed to offer optimum ergonomics for small hands and the red cord will help the youngest keep it safe and close.

Don’t forget, the Child’s Knife also comes with a licence that must be explained and signed before little ones get their hands on it!

Pocket Knife ‘Papagayo’ Skinny
And who would have thought that an aborist, who is on his feet all day would go hiking and bushwalking on their days off. It surprised me. And this is the knife he chose to add to the pack.

Light, light, very light. The true enemy of hikers is the weight. They created this knife for all those who want to lighten their backpacks. To do so, they focused on the basics: a half serrated blade for hard cuts and a liner lock. The result: 45 grams that should definitely be in your backpack or pocket… it’s a pocket knife!

Guidelines for Arborists and Aerial Safety
The guidelines for Aerial Safety mention that you should have a rope cutting knife in your rescue kit and preferably one on your person.

Last Word
Peter Chaffin from Training for Trees had the last word. “An emergency tree rescue kit, along with a trained and competent second climber, is required to be available on all aerial tree work sites and a sharp rope cutting knife is an essential component of any tree rescue kit.”

Put the headline in the search bar, or go straight to arborlab.com.au for more information. Alternatively call ATC Products on (07) 3823 1599.

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