Embrace The Change

Is the thinking you have now, going to get you where you want to be?

What do you want for your business in the future? Is it grinding away at day-to- day business, the struggle to keep up with the mountain of paperwork, chasing down invoices that are due, losing paperwork, Inability to read the handwritten information?

Tree HQ can help your business by streamlining all your information. Track inquiries, create appointments, quotes and jobs, send invoices and has reporting functions. Your time is valuable, and our workflow efficiencies mean more jobs are booked, coordinated and completed through the ease of your devices.

As we always have devices nearby we are able to embrace cutting edge technology and create better systems for you as a business owner and for your team. Tree HQ allows for greater communication and the opportunity to improve customer service for your clients. Tree HQ can streamline expenses and improve your profit margin and allow for greater use of your time.

Tree HQ is a cloud-based workflow management system created and designed by qualified arborist Len McKeown to work for his business. He is passionate about how Tree HQ has improved his business and wanted to share that with others. Lens desire is to innovate and become a voice for business within Arboriculture.

Tree HQ is an application available on Desktop, IOS and Android devices. From Inquiries, appointments, quotes, jobs and payments you can track each step of your business. Tree HQ has revolutionised the way you can do business with less paperwork and more structure it results in major time savings.

With an Internet connection at your fingertips, a cloud-based platform allows you to store all your files and database in the cloud. No more storage capacity overload or losing files that were incorrectly saved. The cloud is a secure way to keep your records accessible. Reduce your workflow time and have control of your business from the office to the work site. Make smarter choices for your business by choosing to use Tree HQ.

We have three logins available to cover your team members. Admin: gives you access to all of Tree HQ, access to all calendars, quotes, jobs and company details.

Sales Rep: for your estimators, they will have access to their calendar, quotes and jobs.

Supervisors: for your crew, they will have access to jobs that are assigned to them and will not see prices.

We would suggest that you contact our office on admin@treehq.co and we can help set up your account. You will need to fill out business details and other information for the app to function.

Listed below are the features and functions of Tree HQ, it is an invaluable tool created to help your business succeed and get you where you want to be.

Information about your potential clients is entered only once. This information then becomes part of your client database

All the info has instant accessibility from your desktop and any of your linked mobile devices and can be updated/ altered by any of them if needed

  • Customise quotes for every client – add pictures, videos or supporting documents
  • Cloud-based, keep your storage free on your devices
  • Tree HQ covers OHS procedures for risk assessments
  • Mark workers on the job site
  • Link with MYOB essentials or Xero accounting packages
  • Assign equipment to jobs
  • Marketing & profit/cost reporting
  • Add multiple Terms and Conditions
  • Colour coordinated calendars
  • Affordable plans
  • Integrate a contact form to your website to get inquiries sent straight through to the app using HTML code or key

Document each step from quoting with your clients, show your team exactly what is wanted at the job, take before, and after videos of the work, these can be beneficial for a business.

We are locally created and based in Melbourne, VIC and is available in AU, NZ, UK and USA. A local Melbourne developer now manages tree HQ, and we are excited about this new partnership.

With a few steps, you can sign up today with no obligations, no fees for the first 30days. Over the month of the trial, you can see how this program can work and fit into your business. It’s as simple as heading to our website www.treehq.co click start trial or scroll to the bottom and input your company information. As an introductory offer, we are prepared to build a basic website for free subject to terms and conditions which can be explained by contacting our office.

Take a step toward a better future for your business.

We understand that new systems and technology can be daunting, but we are here to help. More than happy to organise a time/day to go through all the features and functions, help set up your account or to have a chat first.

For more information visit www.treehq.co or call 1300 106 033.

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