Elevating Safety and Innovation For EWP’s Throughout Australia

Aerial Access Australia has been a major supplier of elevated work platforms (EWPs) throughout Australia more than 25 years.

Aerial Access Australia has been a major supplier of elevated work platforms (EWPs) throughout Australia for 25+ years. With a practical and operational understanding of their application, the team of passionate industry experts have set out to change the way this innovative equipment and machinery is manufactured and distributed for Australian businesses.

What sets Aerial Access apart is their operational experience and knowledge to provide safe and innovative equipment to the industry. The motivation has always been to provide safe, cost effective, reliable and fit for purpose equipment to get the job done. As the business has grown, their ability to invest in the development of technology has helped them establish long term relationships with industry leaders and grow their range of equipment.

Aerial Access is an Australian family owned and operated business. They are over 25 years in this industry to perfect and maintain extremely high levels of operational success. With a mission to support local communities, develop skills and training opportunities, and improve the safety of EWPs throughout Australia, Aerial Access is here to partner with businesses who want to elevate their operations with leading edge equipment.

Innovation is the core of this industry, and as Australia faces some very real environmental challenges over the coming years, the commitment of the Aerial Access team is to maintain a high level of investment in research and development, with a particular focus on environmental sustainability. From internal business policies to operational procedures that support the environmental and economic business objectives of their customers, Aerial Access sees the synergies between the operations and the requirement to protect and maintain the environment. Their equipment is designed to meet all industry standards and their sales commitment is to exceed expectations by understanding the problem they are being expected to solve, while providing the best solutions for each individual customer.

The range is forever expanding as Aerial identify improvements and new technologies available within the industry, as well as develop their own, the speed to market of this controlled supply chain provides an unprecedented advantage to Australian consumers. The scale of Aerial Access and the ability to fast track and manage orders of varying sizes gives them the opportunity to respond quickly to market changes, ensuring they can meet budget and delivery timeframes for customers.

Aerial Access manager, Chris Sanderson, has the luxury of hands-on experience within this industry. While he acknowledges his start in the vegetation management business (on the tools) was a dynamic learning experience, he has seen it all and has always been interested in the technology available and the benefits EWPs provides stakeholders in every environment.

“We work on a significant scale, but our growth has been organic. It has taken 25 years of hands-on experience within this industry to really identify areas where our scale and size can make a difference to the EWP market to impact all Australians who risk their lives to keep us safe. By investing in new technology, by working alongside our R&D team and by increasing the safety and performance of this type of equipment, we can work with our customers to develop opportunities that enhance their operations.”

Chris is now responsible for working on the research and development of new equipment that enhances the user experience, improves the operational performance, and delivers beyond minimum safety expectations and requirements. Based here in Australia, Chris and the Aerial Access team are on the ground with a service and parts division, working with each customer to determine the best outcomes and provide advice with the benefit of practical experience and backing from a highly motivated and skilled national team.

A safer way to do business impacts all Australians and our local communities. Aerial Access has a laser focus on safety and reliability that is prevalent throughout each stage of the manufacturing, sales and the aftersales journey.

To discuss your next build, get in touch with Chris, visit their website – aerialaccess.com.au, or get in touch via email – sales@aerialaccess.com.au. Alternatively, call the Aerial Access team on 1300 654 591.

For Spare Parts sales and enquiries email parts@aerialaccess.com.au

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