EGO’s PSX2500 pruning saw attachment

EGO’s PSX2500 pruning saw attachment is a world-first Telescopic Power Pole is designed to allow reaching those unreachable places, all with the comfort of having your boots on the ground.

EGO’s PSX2500 pruning saw attachment can be used with the Telescopic Power Pole – as can the PTX5100 hedge trimmer attachments: unlock, unplug and switch out either attachment as needed.

The PSX2500 pruning saw attachment can reach up to four metres, which makes even the highest branches a swipe away. And with a 22mps chain speed, it’ll cut through branches of up to 200mm like butter.

The PTX5100 hedge trimmer is equally effective at a height, but its adjustable six angles and twist rotation of -/+90º really make it special.

The Telescopic Power Pole can be adjusted to any size, so once you’re done with up top you can re-adjust the height and get started on low hedges and branches.

A safer and more convenient cut

The Telescopic Power Pole not only makes hard-to-reach places easier, but also safer. Your feet stay firmly planted on the ground at all times. You can say goodbye to that nagging, ‘Is this safe?’ voice as well as having to pick up and reset a ladder every 10 minutes.

At 2.2kg without the battery attached, the tool is lightweight and easy to handle. When the battery is attached to the Power Pole, the in-line position ensures the tool doesn’t suddenly tip at the back end. It’s also compatible with the EGO Backpack Link and features dual trigger controls, so you’ll have plenty of ways to take the weight off your arms if necessary. You can rest the Telescopic Power Pole against pretty much anything. The robust carrying handle at the bottom protects the battery and ensures no unwanted damage when taking a well-earned break.

The PSX2500 pruning saw attachment can reach up to four metres. Image: EGO Power Plus

EGO’s award-winning platform

EGO’s industry leading 56V ARC Lithium- Ion Batteries have redefined the way we think about outdoor power equipment. Exceeding the power of petrol has never been easier, cleaner or quieter.

When you get stuck into a job that could take hours or days, you need to get the job done so you can move on. If that’s the kind of efficiency you’re looking for, the Telescopic Power Pole is the tool you need.

The kit comes with the Telescopic Power Pole skin, a 5.0Ah battery, rapid charger and your choice of either PSX2500 pruning saw or PTX5100 hedge trimmer attachments. If the job calls for both attachments, you can have both.

All you have to do is take a quick trip to an EGO stockist near you.

Once you’re in, ask a clerk to point you in the right direction. They’ll know exactly what you’re there for. In no time at all, you’ll be wielding the world-first interchangeable Telescopic Power Pole.

The entire EGO OPE range can be viewed at

Image: EGO Power Plus
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