Ego Telescopic Power Pole System

For arborists looking to invest in a new pole saw system, there is a new petrol-free option that offers a unique combination of maximum reach, manoeuvrability and cutting power for high branches and hedges.

EGO’s Commercial Telescopic Power Pole System removes the risk of working from platforms and ladders on hard-to-reach areas and has an interchangeable head to switch between the PSX2500 pruning saw attachment and the PTX5100 hedge trimmer attachment.

Depending on which attachment, the total length of extension can reach up to 4m, but the tool is equally as useful when fully contracted to tackle low hedges and branches. All of this is achieved with EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium battery system. So, leave those fuel cannisters at home and charge your batteries the night before the job and you’re good to go.

We enlisted the help of arborist Jasper from Tree Frog Tree Specialists to put the EGO Pole Saw to the test and chatting with him, he shared: “The system from the beginning feels light with great manoeuvrability and control. There are not one but two triggers to allow you to cut in varied positions depending on how you need to hold the pole saw for various cutting angles. So, EGO has put a lot of thought into the design and ergonomics of this saw which, from an end-user perspective, is great news. I particularly like the interchangeable head from the saw to the hedge trimmer. I’ve been looking for a good system like this for years and now have found it.”

I met with Jasper onsite at a residential pruning job in church point. There were several great spots to test both the cutting ability (up to 200mm) and the manoeuvrability of the EGO. Watching Jasper rip into the trees and branches that were perfect for the pole saw, it became quite evident very quickly that, just like the EGO commercial chainsaws we tested a few months back, the pole saw and hedge trimmer had plenty of power for such a compact brushless motor. Jasper made short work of the dead tree and branches that needed removing/pruning.

“I particularly like the interchangeable head from the saw to the hedge trimmer. I’ve been looking for a good system like this for years and now have found it.”

The pole saw easily tackled some girthy sections and it’s rated to up to 200mm thick sections – which Jasper would have either been right on or slightly above.

Test #1 – Commercial Pole Saw Head Attachment
There are plenty of great features onboard this head with fast chain speed of 22m/s making it best in class and more than capable of cutting thick branches with ease. There is an automatic oiling system with adjustable feed ratio ensuring reliable lubrication in any condition. A lateral chain tension adjustment makes for drama-free tensioning. The 25cm (10”) guide bar and chain is attached to a rigid yet light aluminium shaft. The bar oil tank is transparent for easy level check viewing and the metal bucking spike and chain catcher are both rigid and reliable.

What do all of those features add up to in terms of cutting performance? Jasper was the best one to sum it all up and he shared: “After using the pole saw for a while today I’m impressed with its overall handling and performance. There is more than enough power for a pole saw. Even on the hardwood we cut today it handled well, as you can see from the images. It was great to handle and position and the double trigger helped a lot. I haven’t seen that before. So, all things considered, this is a great product. It’s probably not quite as powerful as a commercial petrol pole saw, but it’s close enough to make it a very good option for those looking to leave those fuel cans behind.”

Test #2 – Commercial Hedge Trimmer Head Attachment
These large 51cm double sided dual cutting blades mean business with a hefty 26mm cutting capacity for tackling thicker hedges. The blades are laser cut and diamond ground for cleaner, more precise cutting. Powered by the powerful brushless motor, this head can deliver maximum power for heavy duty requirements. It is fitted with an AL-casting gearbox making it rigid and durable.

An axial rotating blade adjustment of three positions from – 90 degree, 0 degree and + 90 degree, is an excellent feature when combined with the fully adjustable six-position articulation to tackle a job.

When firing up the hedge trimmer head, both the 4m reach and fully adjustable and rotatable options made for precise, clean and easy-to-use performance. This head was a pleasure to use producing very impressive results.

It’s always a relief when a new product like this not just meets but exceeds your expectations and the hedge trimmer ticked that box for sure.

The wrap up
This EGO range has impressed yet again – from the quick charge time of the 56V ARC Lithium battery to the build quality, reach and actual performance and power of the tools. EGO is setting itself up well as a reliable and powerful commercial option for operators looking to step away from fuel-powered tools and move towards a greener, cleaner work footprint.

For more information visit or call the team at EGO on 1300 000 EGO (346).

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