Ego CSX3000 Commercial Cordless Top Handle Chainsaw

I think arborists’ concerns about going cordless are three-fold with runtime, adequate power and recharge time all factoring into the mix. So, to say we were surprised when the EGO CSX3000 Commercial Cordless Top Handle Chainsaw (with its 56V ARC Lithium™ battery) not only measured up but exceeded our expectations across all these three categories, it was a very surprising and impressive outcome.

Before we get into the details of this test drive, let’s start at the beginning. Any successful cordless system requires these two things:

  1. A powerful brushless motor – in this case with consistent hi-power output
  2. A grunty battery system.

For this review, we had the opportunity to test EGO’s new POWER+ system which consists of their new ARC Lithium™ 56V rechargeable batteries – which makes a great place to start this review.

ARC Lithium™ 56V rechargeable batteries
On hand we had both the 5Ah and the 2.5Ah ARC Lithium™ variations. These batteries place the cells in an innovative arc shape which keeps the battery temps low and power output up. A LED gauge displays remaining battery power, and a power management system prevents overdischarging and extends battery life.

A unique Keep-Cool Cell technology prevents overheating and caps off a solid list of features.

So, what does all that mean in terms of performance and runtime?

In our case it meant consistent and powerful delivery of torque, grunt and cutting power. The saw in our tests cut impressively large barrel sections.

With the EGO Power+ Rapid Charger we had onsite, the battery was fully charged in 40 minutes and, given we achieved over 200 cuts (of varying thickness), our battery was well outlasting the charging time, meaning a two-battery system could have you cutting all day or even over multiple days.

The batteries build quality is equally impressive and they will fit across all tools in the EGO range.

We did also have the 2.5 Ah battery onsite to test. The lighter weight of this battery might make it the preferable option for some climbing arborists, and its power delivery and runtime were equally impressive.

Performance and handling
To really get the downlow on the EGO CSX3000 Cordless Top Handle Chainsaw we recruited Jake Ellis from Northern Beaches Tree Service. Jake has been working in the industry for five years and has been climbing for three and a half years.

After letting Jake spend a few days with the saw, he shared: “The EGO weighs in at only 3.5kg (bare tool only weight), which makes it easy to manoeuvre and position – exactly what you want when you are climbing. When you squeeze the trigger, the power is instant, you can feel the power and the brake is extremely quick on the trigger release, which is a good safety feature. I’ve been using the saw pretty much every day this week and really got a nice feel for it now. The saw has sliced through some big barrels and was easy to reach out with and get into position. It has so much grunt and cuts extremely well. Of course, the big winner here is the fact that there is no fuel and oil involved in the day to day and the battery recharges in 40 minutes.”

Jake continued: “There are so many features that have gone into making this a very well-rounded option, features that not only enhance the performance but also improve safety for the end user. Inclusion like the variable speed trigger with lock out lever are nice. The trigger requires a push forward, then squeeze to activate, which significantly removes accidental activations. The chain brake incudes a mechanical clutch and electronic sensor. An automatic oiling system with on-board low oil LED indicator again adds some real depth to this chainsaw.”

Using with battery holster
The battery easily clicks down into the holster, which includes the safety rope and power cord integration. The holster clips onto the operator’s safety belt and includes two quick adjust clamps for added security. Jake seemed pretty happy with the set up and when asking his thoughts after climbing down from his second job of the day, he shared: “Having the battery located onto the harness, fitted to the back of your safety belt is great for both balance and spread of the weight of the battery. You barely notice it’s there and having the power cable built into the safety strap is a nice idea and works well. The length of the cable was perfect, and it didn’t get in the way at all. The freedom and ergonomics of this system is great.”

For more information on the EGO CSX3000 Commercial Cordless Top Handle Chainsaw visit or call the team at EGO at 1300 000 EGO (346).

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