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Edelrid Treerex Tree Care Harness

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Introducing the most versatile tree-care harness of all times.

With a variety of rope bridge configurations, optional SRT bridge and the choice of a chest harness specifically designed with the harness for SRT. The Edelrid TreeRex meets the many differing and demanding requirements of the climbing Arborist.

The TreeRex design focus is centred on the lateral fastening eyelets (lower D’s) integrated into the leg loops. These lower D’s make it possible to install up to two rope bridges (fixed and/or adjustable) while providing a more stable and balanced connection point for a positioning lanyard. This configuration along with the two bridges offers maximum lateral freedom of movement when making those hard to reach cuts.

Thanks to the intelligent adjustment mechanism, the angle of the lower D’s can be easily adjusted even under load to better weight the harness in either a standing or more seated position. The simple to fit SRT Bridge offers a low and central attachment point to meet any SRT requirements the climber might have. Two fixed side D’s offer the user the traditional lanyard attachment point while using a flipline.

Edelrid’s innovation really shines through in the waist belt and leg loop construction with their 3D Vent Technology, previously developed for recreational rock climbing harnesses where weight, comfort and ventilation are so highly sought after. This in combination with wide semi-rigid padding gives unprecedented breathability and vastly reduces the overall weight while still managing to increase hanging comfort. The increased breathability and ventilation will surely be an advantage on those hot Australian summer days. The triple lock buckles on the waist and leg loops make getting in and out of the harness simple, even when fully loaded with gear.

All load bearing straps are made with indicator tape (red fibres become visible in the event of damage or excessive wear) while the leg loop straps are fitted with a textile abrasion protector made from Dyneema® to prevent premature wear.

Four large rigid gear loops combined with six clipper slots (four on the waist plus one on each leg loop) and a variety of soft small webbing clip in points provide ample carrying options. A central rear textile restraint eyelet certified to EN358 makes a perfect chainsaw lanyard attachment point or can be used in complex positioning situations. A small first aid bag attaches via a one-handed quick pull mechanism creating easy access to its contents in an emergency.

The optional TreeReex Bungee Chest Harness connects directly to the Waist belt to help share the load with the shoulders while carrying heavy kit and chainsaws. The pre-threaded elastic bungee easily tends a knee ascender in a SRT ropewalker system whilst the multiple clip in points in the centre of the chest make tending you progress capture device or system a breeze. Regardless of if you currently use or are wishing to try a ropewalker set up, the Bungee chest harness makes for a simple and uncluttered system that works efficiently with minimal set up.

The Edelrid TreeRex coming in at 1500g meets all the demands of the Australian Arborist, durable, light, breathable and highly comfortable. The versatility and configurability combined with modern technologies makes the TreeRex stand out among its peers as a true ‘do it all’ tree care harness that you can truly make your own.

For more info call (02) 9417 5755, visit www.expeditionequipment.com.au or get in touch via email – sales@expeditionequipment.com.au

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