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Today we are looking at the ECHO Telescopic Power Pruner.

For arborists, landscapers and avid home gardeners the safest place to trim and cut back trees is the ground, so it makes sense that one of the essential tools to enable this is an excellent pole saw or telescopic power pruner. Over my time as an Arborist, my experience is that if anywhere is going to break on this type of tool, it’s 99 per cent of the time the telescopic extension. So a quality pole saw that is going to last always needs to have a proper solid construction in this area which is precisely what we found with the ECHO PPT-236ES.

After doing some research, I found the PPT-236ES to be the first and lightest weight of the three models available.

After opening the brand-new box and putting the saw together, filling with fuel and oil, we were away and pruning some branches, that sat about five meters off the ground, in no time at all. One thing I noticed, when extending the telescopic section, is the very sturdy shaft on the ECHO pole pruner. I was also talking to a work colleague who owns one, and when asking his opinion, he said it’s a little heavier than previous pruners he has owned, but well worth the extra weight because it is almost unbreakable!

After cutting trees for a while, I’m sure you have all seen a mishap or two with a pole saw. One common thing I’ve seen is the shaft on other brands are generally easy to bend or damage if you’re not careful. From my experience, a replacement shaft, depending on the brand, can cost a third of the cost of a new saw. So, it goes without saying that any machine that is built well in this area is a bonus.

From the first time I started the saw, it fired up with ease and worked without any flaws when it came time to get cutting.

Comfort and ergonomics are an essential part of any powered tool, especially ones with sharp blades. From the comfort comes control, and from control comes safety. The PPT-236ES felt good in the hands, and the placement of the trigger and grips felt great. It has plenty of reach and comes with a shoulder strap – making it easier to use and carry over more extended time frames.

Over the day the saw cut well with no issues. The shoulder strap was a welcomed addition, as previously mentioned.

This model does have a little more weight than others I’ve used but will last longer on-site due to this addition build quality.

It has two more powerful models if that’s what’s required, but as a pole pruner, the power in this model is sufficient for pruning jobs.

It’s a Japanese built motor and comes with a two-year professional warranty, which is outstanding.

Overall I think the ECHO pole pruner is a great option to go for if you are looking for value for your dollar or your heavy-handed employees like to break your tools regularly, due to lack of experience or pure enthusiasm. Either way, it’s the strongest shaft I’ve seen on a pole saw by far, definitely something to consider.

The ECHO Telescopic Power Pruner is distributed by Briggs & Stratton.

For information call 1800 356 632.

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