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Earthmoving Equipment Australia (EEA) is a huge concern representing some very big machinery brands. One of EEA’s owners, Chris Newton, is very optimistic about the company’s future, especially for Merlo in the arbor sector.

Chris Newton and business partner Michael Smith started the EEA business 12 years ago with a single brand, Thwaites, an English manufacturer of site dumpers.

“We created a market,” remembered owner and director, Chris Newton.

Chris and Mike wanted to grow into mainline construction equipment and were fortunate in picking up a Case dealership, which obviously suited their plans and combined talents. With hard work and good decisions Earthmoving Equipment Australia became the number-one Case dealership in Australia and quickly grew its area in NSW. A move into south-east Queensland soon followed.

“From there we continued to grow our range and business,” said the justifiably proud Newton. “We now have eight different divisions and 180 staff, so it’s been a busy 12 years.”

The tree-care machinery division includes Bandit, Hansa and Castloaders, all represented in the 12 EEA dealerships Australiawide.

EEA owner and director Chris Newton sees a very bright future for Merlo, especially the roto telehandler. Image: EEA


The inclusion of Merlo came when, as Earthmoving Equipment Australia continued to grow interstate, Chris and Mike were looking after the Newcastle area for Merlo, the pair’s first area of representation for the brand.

Previously the Merlo business had been rental, and there wasn’t much information around ownership warranties or client ownership, so EEA began to put in place a marketing plan and sales strategy.

“We began growing the market share through Newcastle and all the way up through to south-east Queensland and Bundaberg,” said Newton.

“We rebuilt the brand and started picking up more retail-based customers.

“It wasn’t the easiest time when we first started,” he reflected. “We had Covid issues, stock issues and so much more, and that held us back quite a bit. But growth with Merlo has been fantastic. Sales have increased yearon- year. “The dealer conference in Italy last year gave us an insight into the company. There was never any doubt about Merlo’s commitment to quality and safety, especially automated safety, but at the conference we saw the passion behind the brand from the owners of Merlo. “It was fantastic for us.”

Merlo’s roto telehandler is increasing OH&S for the arbour industry to levels that haven’t been seen before. Image: Merlo


After 12 hard and successful years in the machinery business it seems unlikely there’d be anything much to get Chris excited, but he still glows when he sees revolutionary new equipment.

“The introduction of Merlo’s Cingo range is a really exciting prospect for us,” he beamed.

“They’ve taken an existing product – the smaller tracked carriers and dumpers – and really revolutionised those products into a multi-use, multidimensional asset.

“That’s really exciting! It’s very unique to this market.

“There’s been a lot of issues with the existing players and their tracked carriers. Merlo’s horsepower and resources have really revolutionised that area of the marketplace.”

The introduction of Merlo’s Cingo range is a really exciting prospect. Image: Merlo

The future looks bright

“The future for Earthmoving Equipment Australia is basically continuing to communicate effectively that safety is the number one thing,” said Newton with some intensity. “Safety in all different industries, not just construction or arbor any one area.

“Some areas in the past have taken equipment – telehandlers are a good example – which are very basic, and from a safety perspective they didn’t have the level technology Merlo offers. As we grow we’re looking forward to educating those industries about considering the importance of safety.

“A lot of people are working in remote locations, and there are important safety features available which will help protect them. We’re keen to educate people in those markets so they can find good solutions for not only production, but for their safety as well.

And EEA’s plans for Merlo?

“Let’s talk about the Merlo roto telehandler, for instance,” said the company director, clearly enthusiastic at the direction of the conversation.

“It’s unique to the market.

“Obviously EEA’s arbor experience is pretty big with the Bandit brand, and Merlo’s roto telehandler is increasing OH&S for the arbor industry to levels that haven’t been seen before. You’ve got skilled climbers going up into trees and you’ve got skilled groundies controlling heavy, slung loads, quite often in densely populated areas. And as skilled and as gentle as they can be, Nature has a way of throwing little surprises into the workplace. Unexpected things happen and people are put at risk.

“Merlo roto telehandlers have really changed the game there. Those risks are being reduced by that machine to a great extent. The roto telehandler can mean climbers won’t have to face the risks of being in the tree, and it can handle larger loads, do it safely, and remove the limb or tree with greater efficiency and productivity.”

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Image: EEA


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