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Technologies Transforming Business Operations

New technologies when effectively harnessed have the capacity to transform business operations, and in this new series we will provide a rundown of topical technologies and trends.

Digital technologies have in short time become indispensable for businesses of all types, having both a direct and indirect impact on operations, and businesses that don’t keep pace are at a very real risk of being left behind.

From using a smartphone to stay connected while on the go, to maintaining an online presence via a website or social media, to more industry-specific, tailored applications, the reach of digital technologies is encompassing.

Businesses that effectively employ these technologies, from an administrative level through to operations in the field, can reap a range of benefits, helping to cut costs and improve efficiency and productivity.

It is certainly worthwhile assessing how different technologies may benefit your business, and to consider how they may be effectively integrated across different operations.

Internet Growth And Digital Technologies

The rapid growth of the internet has occurred in concert with the emergence of an ever-evolving suite of digital technologies, delivering increasingly sophisticated services.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Internet Activity Report provides an overview of the scale and manner in which Australians are accessing the internet.

The Report (for the period ending December 31, 2018) Shows:

  • The total number of retail services in operation reached 39.9 million as at the end of last year
  • Of these connections, the clear majority were mobile handsets at 61 per cent, followed by wireless broadband (21 per cent) and fixed-line/ wired broadband (18 per cent)
  • However, fixed-line/wired technologies were responsible for 91 per cent of the total volume of data downloaded, followed by mobile handsets (6 per cent) and wireless broadband (3 per cent)

Anywhere and anytime connectivity is changing the way Australians live and work, and it is important for businesses to recognise this and adapt when necessary, with businesses that are able to effectively harness digital tools at a significant advantage.

Digital Technologies And Their Applications

A number of new digital technologies have emerged in recent years, and it is worthwhile keeping an eye on how they may be potentially deployed in the short and long term.

Among These Technologies Are:

  • Cloud – cloud computing sees a range of services provided online, from basic data storage to more advanced applications.
  • For instance, a business could maintain a work schedule online, which workers in both the office and field could update and amend as tasks are carried out
  • IoT – the IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of connected devices that gather and share data. For instance, IoT devices integrated into a machine could provide real-time insight into its location, its fuel use and the nature of the operations it is undertaking
  • 5G – 5G mobile wireless technology is set to deliver significantly faster data download, upload and latency speeds over the current 4G offerings, paving the way for a range of new mobile services and applications
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) – AI technologies, being developed to undertake increasingly complex tasks, are being integrated with a range of other technologies. Digital assistants, capable of carrying out a variety of tasks, are an example of AI-powered technology.

We will look at how internet-based technologies can drive business growth in the next instalment in this series, including the steps businesses can take to tap into their potential.

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