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30 Moloney Drive

Wodonga, VIC



Title 2024 TOMAHAWK T404 XLM
Price $35,000 (Exc. GST)
Listing Type Used
Stock Number S1027
RefCode TA1206638


Farmtech, Australia's premier farm machinery provider, proudly offers the TOMAHAWK 404XLM Straw and Hay Mill a robust solution meticulously crafted for the unique challenges of Australian agriculture.

Facing the daunting task of manually processing straw or hay can be a significant setback for farmers. The 404XLM revolutionizes this process, transforming it from a cumbersome chore into an efficient, streamlined operation. This machine expertly converts dry bales of straw or hay into consistently short material, perfectly suited for Total Mixed Ration (TMR), cubicles, poultry bedding, and biomass. This transformation is not just about efficiency; it's an investment that pays for itself by significantly reducing labor costs and saving valuable time.

Developed by Teagle, a brand renowned for quality and reliability, the 404XLM features a 9 ft drum length, adept at handling rectangular bales with ease. Its versatile milling system is equipped with four central blades designed for effective bale tearing. Offering both blade and hammer options, the 404XLM adapts to various conditions, including stony environments or when using screens under 1/2".

Precision is at the heart of the 404XLM's design. With adjustable screens ranging from 3/8 to 5 in diameter, the machine provides unmatched control over the output length, from 3/8 to 6. This flexibility ensures that the output is tailored to your specific requirements, be it for bedding, feeding, or biomass production.

Key Specifications:

Blow distance of up to 30 feet, varying with RPM and material
A minimum PTO HP requirement of 100 HP
Capable of outputting up to 2.5 tons per hour
Operating width of 68, extending to 75 with Straw Giraffe
Straw Giraffe discharge height at 60
Weight of the machine: 2,573 lb
Additional options include a choice of hammer or blade systems, various discharge chutes, different drum sizes for varied bale types, Quick Hitch A-Frame, Hydraulic Top Link, and options for electric drive models.

Farmtech recognizes that investing in agricultural machinery is a significant decision. The TOMAHAWK 404XLM is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a strategic partner in your agricultural endeavors, designed to elevate productivity, diminish operational costs, and seamlessly integrate into the diverse landscape of Australian farming.