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Every arborist out there will back me up when I say the tree industry is extremely testing on machinery and equipment. Spider Lifts are no exception. Stability in the basket, quick set-up, reliability and durability are all key defining traits that shape the makings of a top-quality spider lift.

When the opportunity popped up to catch up with the team at Platform Sales and take a look at the new CTE Traccess 200, we jumped at the chance as this spider lift has some impressive specs, along with a clean and simplified approach to its features and operation.

Firstly, this machine has been designed to operate with a 250kg working limit across its entire range. That’s two big blokes and a chainsaw all day long anywhere across its 8.5m reach and 20m height.

With its extendable track width, which will reduce to under 800mm to get you through a doorway, once you have removed the basket (a process which takes less than a minute), dual drive speed, hydraulic basket levelling and no electronic limiter, the T200 is known for its easier use: ideal for tree maintenance professionals or novice users and hire companies alike.

Both the extension cylinder and the electrical and hydraulic systems are inside the arm, protected from weathering and debris. The electrical system and catenary are housed inside the arm, protected from the risk of getting caught up with other elements during operations – a feature that will keep both safety and longevity at the top of an owner’s list.

The design of this platform has been studied extensively to enable access and transit even in confined spaces thanks to its extreme compactness. The jib allows easy access to hard-working access areas that require a negative work angle.

To put the CTE 200 through its paces, we enlisted the help of Ben Zacka from Bob and Ben, The Tree Men. Ben was a perfect choice, since he owns the little brother of the CTE 200 and has put more hours on his machine than probably any other owner of a CTE Spider lift in Australia. After watching Ben spend a few minutes getting familiar with the feel of the spider lift, he pretty much went straight up to full tilt of 20 meters. There was wind on the day of testing, but even on the ground, I mentioned how solid the basket looked to be at full height. Ben responded: “The basket felt 100 per cent solid, I was impressed just how tight it was at that height. It was a very impressive test to start with. There was no movement. Another great feature is the fact that you can position the basket to anywhere within the work enveloped, without getting a single alarm of warning. The machine can go anywhere in its range with two big blokes and their gear, which provides great efficiencies and productivities.”

I wanted to get an idea of the kind of durability, and reliably operators can expect from CTE, so I asked Ben about his CTE170. Ben had a laugh and answered: “Even the guys at Platform Sales are amazed by the workload that we get through with our CTE170. It’s working 5-6 days a week, with a crew of guys all day long. We cannot fault the performance and reliability of this machine. It must be one of – if not the best – investment we have made for the business. It’s easy to load/unload on-site, the speed and ease of removing the basket and narrowing the tracks to access doorways, gates and other narrow passageways are exceptional. But best of all is the impressive work envelope available from such a compact and easy machine to manage.”

Ben and his team have been servicing the Sutherland Shire and greater Sydney area for more than 20 years, specialising in a range of services including Strata Complexes, Residential through to large commercial and Government clients. With a team of over a dozen employees, it’s essential to have a fast and reliable spider lift with zero to minimal downtime.

When asking Ben what he loved about the CTE range, he shared: “These machines have been built from the ground up with simplicity in mind. The less complicated electronic and components there are, the less there is to go wrong with them. The other winning part of the equation is the reach and sturdiness of the machine.”

For more information on the CTE range go to www.platformsales.com.au

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