Cranab Grapple Saw Cassette

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Cranab Grapple Saw Cassette GSK

The grapple saw cassette GSK is a robust and flexible tool for tough and varying applications from roadside tree deliming to cross cutting. The cassette is available for grapples ranging from the CR/CE250 up to the CR400. With saw bar lengths ranging from 75-100cm, the saw unit is able to cut logs up to 600mm in diameter.

The GSK Saw Cassette incorporates many innovative design features including, self-contained saw unit, automatic chain tensioning and saw bar  return,  separate oil tank for lubrication with adjustable flow, quick change bar and chain, and heavy- duty 18H bar and chain to ensure a smooth efficient operation whilst featuring a low overall power requirement.

Palax C1000 Firewood Processor Palax C1000 is a robust firewood processor for tough professional use, equipped with several significant innovations. As a result  of  added chopping speed and power, it is  one  of the most productive and efficient firewood processors for bigger logs in its class. The patented Palax Optimi system controls the wood splitting length of Palax C1000. Together with an automatic rapid motion valve, this makes splitting the logs quicker than ever before, without forgetting the fast cutting pace of the circular saw. The cutting pace can be adjusted in accordance with the type of wood being processed.

Tamtron One Timber Crane Scale

Whilst under loading of trucks and trailers  is bad for business, overloading can result in fines. Eliminate these mistakes with Tamtrons One Timber scale and ensure your loaded amount is in line with the vehicle and road legal limits every time. Tamtrons One Timber scale combines the innovative features of the New “One” display and the new generation strain gauge weighing link to produce boasting weighing results with an accuracy of 1-2 per cent of total load.

Strain gauge link is completely wireless from the end of the boom to the cab, eliminating down time.

In conjunction with the introduction of the Tamtron One system, material and truck movements can be monitored remotely 24 hours a day through the Tamtron “One” cloud service. The Tamtron Cloud can be accessed by using the Tamtron One mobile App.

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