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Compact Crawlers For Arborists

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JLG’s two newest crawler booms, the X17J Plus and X20J Plus are tough, yet compact and manoeuvrable, making them ideal for arboriculture applications.

Often known as ‘cherry pickers’, boom lifts are used for a lot more than picking fruit. They have long been recognised as the safest and most convenient means of reaching inaccessible places.

Despite these positives, because of their hefty size and weight, until now, this access equipment has been restricted for use by arborists and tree removal specialists, due to the space confines of many work sites, particularly in residential gardens.

The X17J Plus and the X20J Plus, two compact crawler booms recently released by leading access equipment manufacturer JLG, change all this, and due to their smaller dimensions, open new opportunities for arborists and other tree care professionals.

Both units are significantly lighter than their traditional counterparts (the XJ17 Plus weighs 2,230kg, while the X20J Plus weighs 2,840kg). Additionally, their non-marking rubber tracks displace the machines’ weight over a broad footprint, minimising the likelihood of lawned areas, paving or concrete being damaged.

The tracked wheels also provide much better manoeuvrability than competitor models over a range of surfaces including muddy ground and uneven terrain, and with their auto-levelling outriggers, these machines are easy and fast to position for maximum stability.

Although they offer reduced weight and improved versatility, the JLG combat boom crawlers lose nothing in terms of working capacity. In fact, both the X17J Plus and the X20J Plus offer an unrestricted 230kg platform capacity through the whole working envelope.

This generous platform capacity is a key difference between these units and earlier models. High platform capacity provides the option for a team of two (weight dependent) and their equipment, thereby delivering greater productivity.

In fact, previous units of similar initially only achieved platform capacities of around 120 kg, and later on, a maximum of 200kg, so on this front, these new compact crawler booms clearly break new ground.

In terms of other key specifications, the X17J Plus has a platform height of 14.96m and a working outreach of 7.65m, while the X20J Plus features a platform height of 18.05m and a working outreach of 9.85m, making both ideal to maintain tall trees and hedges.

Both feature a track widening function to optimise stability and, where necessary, improve accessibility to narrow spaces. Other benefits include a unique box for emergency operation, a protected remote-control system with fully display for simple operation, a platform rotation actuator, lifting eyes on the outrigger and a ‘Skyguard’ for improved safety. Depending on operator requirements, buyers can select from petrol, diesel or lithium battery power options. As an environmentally-friendly choice without emissions or noise, the lithium battery model delivers similar performance to the gasoline version, while also providing the added benefits of fast recharge times and the ability to continue work while recharging from mains power.

And because this Lithium technology allows 2,000 recharges before it will reduce capacity to less than 80 per cent, it has proven itself superior to older lead batteries, which only allow a maximum of 500 recharges.

While similar-sized machines are available, these two new models from JLG are the only ones offered by a major supplier. Currently, all similar units come from smaller independent companies. A key benefit of the X17J Plus and the X20J Plus over these competitors is the superior level of service they come with.

JLG measures itself by how well it meets the challenges of its customers. For this reason, like the entire JLG access equipment range, the Plus Compact Crawler Booms are backed by comprehensive service, parts and technical support offerings.

Importantly these services extend well beyond Australia’s major metropolitan centres to more remote rural and regional areas. JLG’s continued investment in infrastructure means an ever expanding national footprint that’s able to comprehensively service its customers right throughout Australia.

As an added bonus, all JLG owners can take advantage of the company’s Managed Asset Program (M.A.P.), a service that takes the guesswork out of servicing their access equipment fleet, to help delivers all the right options to maximise customers’ ROI.

With a range of choices available to best suit owner requirements, M.A.P. options include meeting compliance, regular engine service and filter change, full lifecycle management at a fixed monthly cost, telematics service of remote tracking and monitoring.

JLG delivers all of this with the intention of maximising the performance, and reliability of its versatile new compact crawler booms, ensuring that these machines are more accessible and well suited for lopping limbs, trimming branches and even picking cherries.

For more info visit www.jlg.com.au or call 131 JLG (131 554).

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